Sem's truth on nofap

Hello people i write this because if u kept ur semen long enough i feel like ur my brother! It is not easy too do! But neccesary for you to grow as a men. It is very spiritual and i had lost that part of it all in my life. Many people are just a sleep but is it our job to wake them up? Maybe but most people dont want to wake up because they forget about that spiritual side. I believe it is all very difficult because why are their so many gay and lhqbt in the world and whe need to accept them? But in some way they are our enemies because they thinking about that we are toxic and rather want us away! It is so crazy that i talked my self in a depression and weirdness while the answer is their and it is semen retention! When i was a kid i always wondered why people are so different when we all look the same and now i know it s because of the spiritual side of u. And wow my brothers it is a temptation that can make us fall back. But baptise ur mind and start over. I love that we are the strongest people of the world i see it in everyones eyes they know i m better. And whe must help people change too but first i need to know more about it and experience. I know i talk too much probably soon some more if yall dont mind and much love from sem im a dutch guy and 22 also