Semen retention and be god like

I’m on day 80 and tasted little bit of that bliss still long way to go, but oh god that feeling, I’ve been to fapping,drugs, smoke and sex and none of these can match that bliss feeling. No money or whatever this universe has to offer can’t be compare to that bliss pleasure. Spirituality and semen retention is the key guys, we need to heal our self to attain that complete bliss. Life gonna be amazing and magical soon, stay strong brother, god is with us, we gonna get out of this addiction soon💪🏻


Good. Thank you. Gives me hope. I’m on day 7 now. You’ve just made me go through everything.


Semen is a life force energy, everyone you see around had came from semen. Keep it inside you, it gonna make you your better version. It gonna give you life.