Semen in pee? Relapse?

Hey whats up guys need some Advice I’m currently on day 11 of no fap and just urinated a little bit of semen, is this normal? Did I relapse? Or should I restart my counter all over again.

what?? lol i never encountered that before. no i dont thi k thats a relapse bc u didn’t wank it lol. u good?

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Yeah deffinetly didn’t wank it at all, I’ve heard it happens to most people and that it’s the old semen getting rid of itself for the more stronger semen but it sucks because in your head your like damn I think I just relapsed you know


You will know what a relapse is dude…Trust me.


Bro… how do you know…that is not urine or semen is there in urine…

I mean… if only semen came out when you go to urinate then its fine…

But if semen comes out along with urine(but its hard to recognize just by seeing)… then it is problem… must consult a doctor if it continues.

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It’s semen I was doing #2 and peeing and felt a slight sensation I guess it’s normal from what I read in a couple of no fap forums it wasn’t alot of semen just a little bit it kinda sucks because I felt a slightly bummed out, not alot but felt like I was missing a little bit of something, also I wasn’t having a hard on when it happened or reaching O I was just using the bathroom if you can get wet dreams with out touching yourself then this should be normal as long as it doesn’t happen everyday

heard of this?