Self-overcoming challenge

Here is a new challenge:

  • anybody who wants to be challenged posts their username and their highest streak

  • if you are interested in challenging that person, you respond to the challenge and post your highest streak (which must be within ± 10 days of the initial poster, to prevent too unevenly matched pairings)

  • the resulting challenge is the higher one of the two highest streaks + 7 days

  • a win is scored if both challengers make it to the finishing line, i.e. if they both succeed in the challenge

  • if one of them relapses, the challenge is over

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We both have the same highest streak (110 days) what do you say ?

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Name: ali4th
Code: tpu6g7
Highest streak: 110 days
Current streak 38 days
Who’s up for a challenge ?

IAM IN :sunglasses::point_right:

Name: @Midoriya-Izuku
Highest streak: 110 days
Current streak 4 days


Its done then…
Our challenge is to last 110 + 7 day = 117
Lets make it 120 days (4 months)
Whoever relapses first loses the challenge

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Good luck everybody !

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Anybody who’d like to challenge me? Longest streak: 22

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