Seemo Vs any individual

Hey everyone i am at 0… anyone who is interested in nofap challenge vs me can challenge me anytime. I m accepting everyone’s challenge. What if anyone relapses. He has to write in his diary 100 times without copy paste i lost against “the name”. And put the same as his status also.

Give your code here and after 12 hrs from the creation of this post. Entries will be closed

Sharing code - e6591a

Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - 14 days
Age - 16
Gender - M
Location - india

Why I want to create a group - Just to make myself and everyone else strong against the fight of pmo

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code- ccec0e
current -2

Sharing code - cb1499
Current streak -6 days
Highest streak - 7 days
Age - 17
Gender - M

I’m ready
Sharing code : fcc48b
Current streak - 7 days
Age -18
Record Streak - 31 days.

I hope you will stand for yourself this time brother.

What if u lose this challenge, whose name will you write ? :grin: @SeeMo

Admin add this feature now. Competition in a friendly way.
Like this post. I’m up
Day 19 is currently highest streak
Code. 0a9f16