Seeking companions

Bro @hariombharadwaj what is happening to you nowadays? You Challenged me for 180 days and you were going very strong. But now I see that you are relapsing more frequently. You are a man who had great streaks before and very experienced too.
Analyse what is happening. Do dopamine detox. Get back up and run bro. Time is very precious. If we don’t work hard and succeed we’ll get replaced in a second.


Hi nofappers!:blush:
Looking for companions?:thinking:
Join me :+1:
My sharing code : mymcsp

Current streak : 5 days
Highest one: 30 days

Just started my streak on this auspicious day of Ashadh Pournima also known as Dhamma day when Buddha taught higher knowledge for the first time to his five companions.
Planning to go long way. I have added you all guys.
Let’s do this together !!!

My code - u9ei8k
My Country - India
Age 33

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