Seeking advice from people on long streaks

I have always had a problem with pmo. Pmo has made me do horrible things. Just relapsed after a week and depression hit me instantly. Whenever I’m on nofap I never feel depressed. I do feel negative emotions, but I am the one in control. I just installed this app and wanted to say some things.
I have been trying to quit pmo forclose to 3 years now. My addiction has reduced but not I’m not able to completely conquer it.
Most of my sadness comes from not being able to do nofap properly. There have been times when I have wondered if I should quit nofap…no matter how many times I try i always return to porn and masturbation…
Should I even try anymore?
I know that I should be stronger and get back up…but I honestly feel that I am only going to fail. What if I am too addicted?

Is there someone who has struggled with nofap for a very long time and has conquered it after years of trying? If the person reading this is someone like that can you give me some advice please…
I don’t want to live in this life of pmo.
I don’t need anyone else’s help, but I think it would be great if I could get some tips from people who have mastered nofap and went on good streaks.

Too addicted??? Everyone on this forum has addiction issues spread over a few years (some have been struggling for over a decade). Addiction doesn’t develop overnight neither will it go away overnight.
Recovery is never linear!!! Whenever you start a streak, do it with an intention for a lifetime BUT don’t expect yourself to pass in the ist attempt itself. Renew your intention daily. Stay vigilant even if you cross the double digit mark.
LEARN FROM YOUR RELAPSES. Find out your triggers and what works for you e.g cold showers never worked for me and probably never will.
Pinpoint your emotional triggers that push you towards a relapse. PMO ADDICTION has its emotional roots along with the physical roots.
STAY VIGILANT AND DON’T BE TOO HARD IN YOURSELF. You asking for help is already job half done.


Thank you for your insight.:smiley:


Just keep trying. Stop the thought before it develops. That is what has worked for me. Dont let it linger, dont entertain it. You also have to change the way you treat/look at a woman. If you lust everytime. You need to work on that. Thats why they call it rewire. Is more than not PMOing. In order to have lasting change you have to change how you think. Its not easy. Im 40 years old. Im on 140 days today. I think you can do it.


i know that am only on 7th day of nofap… but everytime i feel like i want pmo so much, i open “simpel habit” app, and its really help me calm dan control my thought. i also reading stories in this forum that keep me stay motivated to do nofap. I also watch motivational video on youtube…

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I am 36. My current steak is 206 days and in the past one year I have relapsed only twice. Before that I did a graded control of pmo, e.g., doing it only once per week (without porn and without edging/binging) for a few months (And not skipping it even if I didn’t feel any particular urge at the end of the week). This was after trying out different other approaches and failing. You have to know yourself well over time, learn along the way, and see what works for you.

For me what worked eventually was putting self love before everything else in life, giving myself acheivable goals in terms of nofap, and body-focused meditative techniques such as Vipassana. Oh, and this app, of course.

You mention that you feel sad because you fail at NoFap. This is true to some extent as pmo makes your energy levels plummet and reinforces the viscious cycle of depression. But I would still say that your sadness comes prior, and the relapse becomes an instrument of allowing you to be sad. So even as you learn to redirect your pmo urges, you should focus on loving and soothing yourself, in all moods and States of mind that you find yourself in. Learn to be ok with whatever happens, including phases of depression and non-trust. There are some good guided meditations on YouTube for body awareness and self love - try them (stay away from the asmr shit though).

“Should I even try anymore?” That’s a choice for you to make. It’s a transformation of your whole life with NoFap being a part of it - the journey is tough, exciting and rewarding. Decide who you are and make your choice.

There is a wealth of information on this app and in other forums - use it. The usual advice for knowing your triggers and keeping yourself busy applies. I’ll be happy to answer any other specific questions that you have. All the best.


Thank you so much for your advice, I’ll try using those guided meditations on YouTube.

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