Seeking Accountability Partner

I’ve been on this journey for some years now after waking up to the truth of the industry and how it affects me. I’ve made it past 90 days in the past and witnessed a version of myself that I didn’t know was possible. Every aspect of my life improved not just a little, but dramatically. Energy levels, cleverness, confidence, creativity, motivation, clarity, depth of feeling, sharpness of senses, and much more improved so much and showed me what I was truly capable of when I am not wasting my energies away to illusions, lies, and abuse. Beyond that, I felt so alive! The whole world felt fresh and new, and I felt just like I did when I was a kid but with the strength and maturity of an adult body and mind. I realized at that moment that it wasn’t a ‘kid’ thing, feeling so pure and clean, no it was a ‘me’ thing that I haphazardly has been covering up with toxic behaviours for so many years. I am ready to be back there again and to take it even further. If you’re hope-filled, motivated, focused, get it, and ready to make connections, lift each other up, and succeed together, then send me a text message explaining why you’re quitting and why you’d like to be accountability partners. I’ll repeat that I’m looking for someone who is motivated, focused, and ready, if you don’t meet those criteria, that’s fine, it’s just not what I’m looking for and not what I need right now. I would also like to say thank you to this fantastic community for what you are all doing here and the amazing space that each of us have created together here. Change and healing is quickly coming for all of us, I’m both excited, humbled, and appreciative. Lets do this! Namasté my friends (: <3


P.S. c’mon admins, that’s just cruel to censor my contact information so that no one can reach me directly and personally instead of virtually through your app.
Hit my email [email protected]


I’m here right beside you brother, while you fight your way to freedom and happiness
Stay strong :muscle:
Male, 19, India

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Thank you man, right back at ya! Step by step we will rise and become our greatest versions :pray::peace_symbol:️:heartbeat:
I believe in the good things coming <3

You too my brother. The moment we rock the world instead of getting swept under it quickly comes!
Male, 24, US

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Let’s do this! I sent you an e-mail.