Searching for accountability partners

Hey I am vikas 23 yo from india i am looking for companion who can help me to build a streak My longest streak is of 8 days

Sharing code - 8ae8c6

Current steak - 0days
Highest steak - 8 days

Why I want a companion - I think making a companion is the best way to fight with devil there is a common saying "Two heads are better than one " . So guys message your companion code and build a streak with me .

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Kitne saal se mar rahe ho Bhaii…mera code 1861da . Meine tumhe add kar Liya…aab mutth mat mariyoo…

Nice streak brother keep going . Karib 8 saal se

When u do pmo u r your own worst enemy even ur enemies are gooder than pmo because they dont destroy you from inside


d03075 hai …am jayadeep frm India kerala …am on my 9th day…

added you __ add me too – 95fca8

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9ff623 added you… let’s build a streak

@anon99107742 @utamadonny10 @Reaper73 @k.v.jayadeep added you guys thank for your support guys