Searching companion to help me not fap until recovery

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Age - 20
Gender - M
Location - México

Why I want a companion - Hi, today I realized im addicted to porn and Im wasting all my money on it. So I want to Make a change in my life, because im also not feeling good mentally and physically. So I just want someone to talk and motivate each other.

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Count me in bro
My sharing code : mymcsp

Welcome to community👍

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Me too! Sharing code r14n97

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Count on mee 2 bro my code ist225aa

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Count me too bro code… cce44u

Count me too bro Code … cce44u

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My code : mymcsp
Best of luck

Weclome to all the new comers!
Hope this community helps you to improve.
My sharing code : mymcsp

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