Scrolling jumps all over

This happens on my samsung a3 2017. Whenever i scroll up or down through posts or topics, screen quickly jumps up and down. This happens roughly 50% of the time, not every time.

By the way, phone is not rooted or anything, it’s standard setup

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I can relate to that, happens to me too


This is happening only in the forum or the message board aswell?

As far as I know it happens in forum only and most often in mobile view not desktop view.

I tested it for a while and it seems related to the drop down tab of message board and forum. It bugs out when the bar tries to hide or reveal itself when i want to scroll

It may be related to a combination of vertical scrolling from that bar and horizontal scrolling that allows switching between messages and forum. I feel like it bugs out more often if i dont scroll perfectly vertical

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Thanks for the detailed report

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It happens to me too in the forum and message board about 50% of times, my phone is huawei p10 lite.

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