Scrolling habits …

I need @NhTbH , @_TIGER , @Adioz_aka_Adidas , @Tagore and @Ash_Matt , @Samaranjay And many many companions here to do challenge together about building habits …the must is working out and healthy food, meditation , study or reading… I don’t know exactly… I just want you all engage me and we will be together .

I want you all to build with me and push me … maybe it will work but I mentioned because I need the strong ones and anyone want to join are welcomed to learn from all our experiences together.

i am so weak and I confess this everywhere this days … I need you to not judge and push me because I need it … I swear I need this …I will appreciate … but if you tell me that you are not ready I will understand and I will not say any word …

Look :ghost:

Let’s explain what is in my mind…

The challenge of scrolling habits …

I think (wake up 5 am and meditation and healthy food and work out for 30 min )

Wake up => starting the day right way…

Meditation => is for soul (in the journey of no fap we need to explore ourselves and not leave ourselves idle , talking to our souls is good for ourselves but we always go through the :sleeping::dizzy_face: )

Healthy food => for fresh brain…

Working out => this dream that I want and my actions is poor against it .

Like this we take care of brain , soul , stomach , muscles ( we all know but I confess I can’t do it alone , I need hard motivation this time )

@Tagore or @_TIGER or @prothekter_aden@NhTbH engage in this challenge , I will .

This habits will scroll another good habits after … as he or she want , for this I named scrolled habits or anyway … what matters is to start it …to not talk to much like me now … all right

Did you get me ?? understand ??
Or something missing ?? if you want to ask anything ask me…

Don’t be a lazy ass…

You will do great :+1::cowboy_hat_face:


Bruh I am kind of busy these days to start something new :sweat_smile:, I have my GATE exam in Feb, I’ll have to back down yet, but you can dm me or GOVIND-19 if you need advice on workouts.


Yeah man sure…
Please tag people who need this type of challenge…:grin:
All the best for your exams, man…

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@Vortexkicker @Sholt_Peterson I think you guys can gain benefit from this challenge

Thanks bro :pray:


Fortunatley :see_no_evil: I am in dragoo :smirk: I need to …


When does the challenge begin?

I am in.

This would benefit me, since my relapses are always in the morning between 5 am and 10 am.

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Heyyy I’m in.
Thanks for the invitation.
Just to make things clear, except waking up too early morning like 5AM I’ll be waking up between 6.30-7.00
(I’m still recovering from a :face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer:)


Mujhe is challenge ko aana hai. Me workout aur Meditation karthi hoon. 5 am ko uttne ko jugaad pata nahi hai. Phir bhi me zaroor try karthi hoon.

Mera sharing code : 8uwuwa

( Can anyone tell me the hindi of word " difficult ")


@risinglion123 its mushkil


This is for the workout. Pretty good for the starters.
Read and let me know :wink:

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If you are male then use karta not Karti.
Get it :+1::+1:


from taday ,bro…


:+1: thanks for joining… :relaxed:

:+1: thanks for joining… :slightly_smiling_face:
get well some man… take care… :grin:

wooooaahh … awesome…

@Agantuk , @Nep1234id and @pingpong1 you are warmly invited in this challenge… :slightly_smiling_face:

need more female companions …as @NhTbH is alone…
@Dari , @anon3047577 , @ihanookoo , @shraddha , @anon99495644 , @cynthiacc98 …and many more …you are sincerely invited to the challenge/ accountability group…


Me is challenge ko kya karna hai @drago bhai ?

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we need to complete four important tasks or habits … i.e. waking up early ,5 am… then meditation…eat healthy and study or reading…

and work out for 30 mins … :grin:

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May I invite someone Drago :relaxed:
@Rab_J @kakka @immortal227 @luluane @maya @erenyaeger @Dido
If I miss someone come on and join just don’t think too much:wink:


I am in !! @drago

SC: o4889f

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Everyone is sincerely invited :smile:


Thanks for joining ,man. :smile:

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:-1: Wake up at 5am (8:30 am)
:+1: Meditation
:-1:workout 30 mins
:+1:healthy food…
:+1:study ( 2 hrs)

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Sorry bro. A little a days

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No problem brother… Stay strong…

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