Screens suck your .....?

Screens suck your Motivation If you have noticed when in morning you open your smartphone and go through the usual apps after that you are wasted… you cant do some creative work or solve math problems… it sucks your creative energy…

My advice is Dont use Screens during the day time … when you are tired just rest…dont watch TV or smartphone… Use the screens for the most necessary things … and dont get used by them… dont get used by the apps like facebook, youtube, twitter, whatsapp etc… do your job first and later in evening give half an hour to the screens or give no time… just start building yourself rather than wasting your time.


That’s exactly what I am trying to do now.


You are very correct. But I can’t control it.

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You are right. I use screens pretty often, most of the time my smartphone and if not, I watch tv. Well I should now stop typing and start studying.


First have success on nofap… then go for the kill.


I also suggest not to use screen with in 3 hours of you sleeping time. Mark my words, if you do this, you will have a better relaxing sleep during the night.


Hi guys, i do agree in limiting screen time. I have read that blue light from scrren use does impact our natural cycles including sleep. I have conciously limited my time over the past few months. Though, work does require extensive use unfortunately. :sweat_smile: