Saur no fap diary

Ive been doing fap since 8/9 years ago,and i addicted,so now I try to stop even though sometimes the trials are so heavy, my target stops forever from this thing


Good choice! This is absolutely monumental. This is a step that most addicts do not take. As long as you are going in the right direction, you’re making progress. It will not be a smooth road, but you need to take the bumps like a man, and keep on sailing. Don’t let the bumps knock you over, stay upright. If you do get knocked over, stand back up and keep going. Turning back is not an option. You know this, and this is why you chose to start nofap. There will come moments where you doubt if this is all worth it, but trust me, it is. You need to write down your reasons for doing nofap somewhere, be it here, on your diary, or on a piece of paper, so you can look at your reasons whenever you brain tries to trick you. It will try to trick you into going back to fapping / pmo. If you don’t have a damn good reason to be doing nofap, you will give into your brain’s dopamine demands.

Fortify yourself mentally, so you can make your own decisions. Every time you say ‘no’ to an urge to fap, and do something else, something useful, you become stronger mentally.

Take care,
You can always message me when you need me.


Bad things happend right?,my friend send me some nudes but i can control my horny become some energy motivation

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Why is your friend sending you nudes? That’s not going to help your recovery.

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he can’t stop masturbating, so he wants to invite others to keep masturbating, I think so