Saumit's Challenge (15 Day Streak and Exam)

[17 M] Saumit’s Confrontation

{1 Hour and 45mins}
This is an effort in order to Overcome a Major obstacle in this Journey

Today I did what Relapsed to my Imagination and not to amy external sources

But in order to make myself Sane Save Time and accomplish the Promised
200+ In my Mains test
I have to face this Challenge because I have
Dreams to accomplish!

Edit: Sorry for the Staff members who Marked this as inappropriate I actually want to thank you for saving me from a Disaster… I didn’t realized the words that I used could lead to a really worse meaning I read the Log again and it raised my eyebrows…because of the mistakes I had made in it.
Thanks again and I assure you nothing like that actually occured Again Sorry to the people who may have felt it were inappropriate (Even I did)
My bad.


Woke up at 4am
Studied for 4 hours and then took a Break for an hour (43630)
And Then Studied for 2 hours
Now, I’d have to freshen up and Get Ready for College
See ya then
Remember you need To fight your Inner Dragon
(Btw Proud of you Like you’ve never ever Studied this much continue this thing :smiley: )