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Day 15 | 22/5/23

It was not so good day for me. I started my day at 6am in the morning. I got myself ready for the school and went to the school keeping in mind the schedule of 8 periods, fortunately it was of 6 periods only and we were left after six periods due to some reason. In school, our teacher conducted a revision test of Business Studies, English and Economics. I was able to answer all of the questions asked.

I took bath for 2 times and now I’m feeling a bit ill. This is because we should never shower just after coming from the direct sunlight. After that I had my lunch and turned on PC to watch some videos on YouTube. There I got to know that PUBG is back in India and is now available to be installed by playstore. I do not play such games but it should be there in our knowledge about what’s happening around the world.

Right now I’m sitting in a dark room with doors open waiting to fall asleep. I’m going to turn off the computer and go to my bed. Tomorrow maybe we have half day at school but that’s more than enough because it’s too hot during the day. I wish me all the best for tomorrow’s plan. I also wish I could complete all my pendings very soon. Good Night!

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Day 16 | 23/5/23

It was a nice day. I started my day at 6am getting ready for school. Went to school by 7am. In first period we were given accountancy questions to solve as a revision. In second period all new students including me were advised to come in front rows so that they can be taught new concepts. In third period, ma’am was telling the correct answers to each questions, after that we had recess of 20 minutes. In fourth period, it was an optional period so I went to the computer lab and we learnt to create a calculator. We also calculated the areas of three different triangles through coding.

In the last period we were arranging desk and writing roll numbers on it. We did this arrangement for tomorrow’s exam. We were also given our roll numbers and classes where we need to sit. After that, school got over and I returned home by 12pm. After coming back from school, I took shower, had lunch and started watching YouTube. Since, due to electric cuts, I did not enjoyed it really so I slept. When I woke up again, I was feeling low and bored. I decided to complete my pending work but I was not able to write more than one page.

This was a nice day but I enjoy more in school. I slept at 10pm and now it’s 6am. I want to go school, but I’m having cold and headache. I think, I should rest for today and go tomorrow. I also promise to take care of myself so that I don’t miss other classes in future. Good morning.


Day 17 | 24/5/23

It was a nice day. I started my day at 6am. I didn’t went to the school as I was not well today. I slept and woke up at 10am. After that I wasted time on social media and completed accountancy pending work. At evening I went to the doctor and get some medicines. I slept earlier (at 9pm) and woke up by 12am. I turned on my laptop and started chatting on telegram because I was not feeling sleepy. I slept at 4am in morning. I woke up at 5:30am and got ready for school. I just came back from school, writing this diary, after this I will plan my day. Good morning.

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Day 19 | 26/5/23

It was a rainy day today. I started my day at 6am. When I woke up I saw it was raining so I slept again, when again woke up it was late for school and there was less rain, so I did not went to school. I slept again and woke up at 10am. After that I had some food and slept again. Yes I did not brushed and showered too. The reason behind it is because I was not well. When I woke up again, I turned on YouTube to study but ended up listening to songs and slept again. When woke up again after few hours I closed the Laptop and slept again. After taking a complete sleep till 6pm in the evening. I woke up and I was feeling too freshing. I wanted to study but I wasted my time on YouTube, then doing random stuffs.

Again, I started completing my work simultaneously I was listening to songs too. Now I started feeling lazy and want to sleep again. But I’ve to have dinner first which in progress. So, until then I’m going to complete any of my pending works, not any, but IP work. After that I will have dinner and sleep. Good night.


Day 20 | 27/05/23

This was the best day. I started my day at 5am. I woke up and looked to the clock it was 5 so I slept again. When I woke up at 6am I got myself ready for school. I went to school by 7am and came back at 11am. I studied accountancy and english grammar along with economics questions. After that, I started completing my IP work and was able to do it by 6pm. I studied and learned few IP terms at night I studied business studies. I completed one topic and was about to move to the next topic, I realized it is time for diary entry.

I’m writing this diary at my study table while listening to songs on Telegram. My tomorrow’s plan is to get a shave, clean all my accessories and study the most I can. Good night.

Hours wasted doing nothing: 4 hrs


Day 21 | 28/05/23

Finally I completed 21 days of nofap. I’m very happy. I started my day at 6am brushing, showring, having breakfast. I sat down to study at 7am and got bored by 9am. After that I went to the other room where everyone was there and I started gossiping there about anything random. I wasted whole sunday but I’m happy I completed 21 days of nofap. I slept by 11pm.

Hours wasted doing nothing: 14 hrs


HBD bro, wish you great success :star_struck:


Thank you so much bro :heart:


Day 22 29/05/23

This was a very bad day. I started my day casually at 6am by brushing, showering, going to school and coming back home. I was feeling too horny or I should say I was getting urges from the beginning till the end of the day. I talked too much to my friends and random girls of my class to avoid this but at night when I was alone urges were at the peak. I started doing that, even I got some precum then suddenly I stopped and said NO I should not do that. It was very difficult to resist it, still I managed to resist it. I’m still feeling urges, but now I’m very much motivated and I know how to tackle them. It’s time for school. Good night.

Number of hours wasted doing nothing: I don’t remember.


Shit! I relapsed.

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Such a poor day. I started my day at 9am. Yes, I woke up late, the reason behind is wasting time on social media late night. I had relapsed yesterday and I relapsed today also. This feels extremely bad. Sometimes I think if I’ll be really able to cure myself or I’m just chasing something which can never be achieved in real or those people who have build huge streaks they might have encountered pornography throughout their journey but they resist it via accepting it and not reacting to it. It really confuses me alot. I was too lazy today. I lay down on bed entire day doing nothing. Good night yrr.

:arrow_forward: Number of hours wasted doing nothing: Whole day!