[SAMURAI] No fap journey becomes very excited

97 days completed .only 3 days remaining to complete 100 days :blush::blush:
I am feeling very happy and excited to achieve 100 days goal. no urges are coming now . it become easy to resist the small small urges and complete the streak . pateince is best freind of your jounrey
this 3 days i daily write post in this forum to fulfill my excitement :smile::smile::heavy_check_mark:.
if anyone wants to add me as companion:
my sharing code – wof882


CONGRATULATIONS brother @SAMURAI. Happy to see you completing 100 days, which is a dream of many of us. Proud of you.

thank you so much brother :blush::blush:

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all the best to you for your no fap journey.
I wish you also complete 100 days easily :+1::+1: