Samaranjay's Diary (A New Arc) 24M

I was going to send you some pahadi songs but had detox on. You can listen to them for relief. I used to do this


Sorry , I just posted a negative vibe there. Please ignore it.


Pianists and doctors recommend listening to Beethoven’s moonlight sonata to relieve stress:

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You are still studying :rofl::rofl:.

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Are koi nhi bhai.
If you won’t share here then where will you.
I can relate with you. To be honest that didn’t feel like a negative vibe to me. It felt relatable and brotherly.


Kya kroon bhai :joy:.
I have IOCl interview on 21st though. And I am at IIT Delhi Doing Mtech, I’ll leave it if I get selected in some interview, bur for now no option other than studying.


You are doing great. Keep going.

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Thanks bro.

Day 2
:white_check_mark:Study: about 4 hrs classes + 3 hr interview guidance session + 1 hr assignment, not satisfactory though.
:white_check_mark:Workout: Legs +Core 20 min

Didn’t find time for other habits was too busy today.
I woke up at 6:10 to do workout but I was feeling tired almost all day, it’s not worth it to workout by compromising on sleep.

It’s 11:08 pm now, planning to wake up by 6:45 and skip workout tomorrow morning :joy:, sleeping well is more important.

I had been feeling very anxious lately, I had to share a lot of those feelings with my parents like feeling pressure about both interview and Mtech at the same time, I felt good afterwards, also I listened to Mozart while making assignment with my friend, though we weren’t able to do one question properly we submitted whatever we did :joy:. But the music was calming too.

I believe all this anxiety I am facing is due to addiction only, it’s 100% the withdrawal from it, like today afternoon I felt like going for relapsing again but then I remembered my condition, it is definitely gonna get worse if I choose to go for relapsing, it’s a fckin vicious cycle that our minds create, we believe the item which is causing our stress will relieve the very stress it us creating but rather it gets increased. So I am done with it. Please God let me be done with it :pray:.

Anyway goodnight brodas stay strong!
Keep in mind men grow through challenges, no matter what you are facing be strong and face it with whatever you can and you will definitely come out stronger :muscle::fire:.


Yes!!! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


I’d been sick, came back home, somewhat anxious because I still haven’t fully recovered and I have upcoming exams back in college which my parents are telling me to miss.
Let’s see what happens, focusing on recovery first.


Health first bro… Take care.


Take good care of yourself bro Health matters first ! :100:


The 3 most important rules for an amazing life:

1. Health
2. Health
3. Health
4. Other

Take care of yourself brother :fist_right::fist_left: I wish you an amazing life :hibiscus:


I came home so my parents are taking good care of me, thanks.

Thanks bro same to you


25th September

  1. Studying: About 1 hr
  2. :white_check_mark:Going to sleep before/around 11 last night
  3. :white_check_mark:Gayatri Mantra chanting
  4. :white_check_mark:Visualisation
  5. :white_check_mark:Affirmations
  6. Workout
  7. Cold shower
  8. :white_check_mark:Reading easy way to mindfulness
  9. :white_check_mark:Reading Bhagavad Gita
  10. :white_check_mark:Prayer
  11. :white_check_mark:Meditation: 10 min
  12. :white_check_mark:Shutdown Ritual/planning for the next day
  13. :white_check_mark:Practising gratitude/gratitude journal

I hadn’t posted here seriously in a couple of days. I was going through some illness, I am in the recovery phase now and my body is requiring a lot of sleep, I have taken a semester break from Mtech and I have some upcoming interviews for which I have to study, I have an interview on 30th which is in 5 days, I am not worrying about it much now, I am doing whatever I am able to after taking proper rest, I am not working out yet because I had canula in my hand for injecting fluid and some antibiotics till two days ago and I am having some pain in my hand because of it. Will probably start working out after few days. Grateful that I am at home again, I am planning to get selected in some interview if all goes well and never return for Mtech. Let’s see how things wrap up. Goodnight. I’ll try noting study time tomorrow.


Friend @Samaranjay
Glad you’re feeling a bit better, don’t do anything that effects your health negatively. I want you to nail that interview and never relapse during this period :fire:


Sleep well

Good night :star2:


Get well soon brother ! :pray: :handshake:


26th September 10:18 am Day 15

I had excessive urges last night, ever since I came home I had been sleeping in same room as my parents because I was sick, yesterday I shifted to my single room again, after I posted here last night I watched one episode of Arrested Development, and then I spent some time on insta, no triggers but reason for visiting there must have been my mind’s seatch for triggers, I slept around 12 where I could have easily gone to sleep by 10:30 or so. Now I am already feeling withdrawal like symptoms, ThankGod I didn’t relapse else situation would have been much worse. I am having urges too. But I don’t wanna relapse.
I haven’t gotten anything done yet, I’ll put my phone om detox now and note study time seriously which I’ll post here in the evening. Focusing on work and habits is the only way to feel better. Let’s do this.


Move out. Do some productive and important work forcefully . It will restore your control and motivation. Don’t relapse bro