Samaranjay here (22M)

Guys I messed up, last night I broke my 12 days streak. It felt right somehow, my mind tricked me into thinking that I needed this. It made me even happy for a while, but now when I am awake and back to my senses I feel like I cheated on my goal.
I am preparing for an exam which is in mid February, I hoped to not break my streak atleast until then. But I messed up, my highest streak this year is 19 days only, this same shit happens to me everytime after day 10. This time I am making a promise, I have 54 days left until my exam, this time I am making a promise to myself and God, I am gonna break all barriers and get to atleast a 55 day streak.



Yeah bro this time I am not gonna give up just because of some shizzy thoughts

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