Sahas Journey Part 3 《 90 Days Diary 》


4 Orgasms in 1 day. The urges want more. Eat food… watch porn… ejaculate… Urges want more … New Videos… New Pics… More & More, madness dont stop. Mind dont cares about the body. 12 years ago… he locked me inside a Cage and ran away with the key. The Cage was very strong back then. 12 years later… it has become rusty. Maybe i can break it.
I have been trying for last 2 and a half years … The chains are heavy.

I have forgotten myself. I was once very powerful and strong. Mind wittingly betrayed me. He showed me a cave of pleasure. As i went deep down that shit hole. The mind locked me there. Mind is always afraid. He knows that i am too powerful for me. Anytime i can dethrone him and take my castle back. I am King of my castle.

I must summon my will power once more.

I know chains are going to break this time. I shall get my freedom back. Lets show mind his place. Enough of dirty tricks.

I am ready for sufferings.
I am ready for pain.
I am ready for death.

I am ready for sleepless nights.
I am ready for misery.
I am ready for insult.

I am ready for Freedom.
Bring it on.

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