Sahas' account banned

Remember when i pointed out Sahas’ behaviour?

Everybody jumped against me.

Well, now sahas got banned for bad toxic behaviour.

Guess you are not laughing now …

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Buddy what happened to sahas, I have seen his name in some of the posts and when I saw his profile , there it was written banned with the reason u know it was coming. I’m really curious what’s the matter 1.

If you are curious, check out the links above

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Well he is already active on forum with a new username😂

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Lol :joy::joy: smart move :joy::joy::joy:

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@Martial_Beast … What is the new sahas’ username?

He is… unyielding… Not in managing his addiction but in not following people’s advice. Too stubborn. not in his speaking but his “way of life”. This reduces person’s flexibility to adapt and change his behaviour. He needs to change his pattern of thought first, change in actions will come later. But it’s easier said than done. I myself is changing slowly. It’s impossible to catalyze the process.
I hope he will do better.

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yeah i also joined his group in july. I was new. Bt he was too arrogant. Acting like he is the King of NoFap.

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If you guys are talking about @I_am_the_master , then Idk how has he behaved with you guys, but he has definitely been very good with me. I can see that he has some anger management problems and a little bit arrogance too, but I feel that we all have negative aspects in our personalities too. Its pretty easy to ignore our negativities and label others’ as “toxicity”. Behaving rudely with a person to overcome his rudeness has never worked and will never work. This person realises that he has problems in himself and he was getting better with time, thats why he keeps coming back to this place. He was gaining better mental control, was able to manage his anger better than before, but after this action, I feel this may make it worse than ever. I think a person deserves chances as long as he genuinely wants to become a better version of himself. Lately, he has been saying that he was able to listen to his family better, was able to apologize to his wife and daughter and a few other betterments that he has brought to his life. But what do you think this action will do to the mental condition of such a mentally fragile person.
I am not saying all of this to justify his actions, or to condemn his ban. I am only saying that if he wants to become a better person, he should be given chances as long as he genuinely wants it. And as much I could talk to him, I could only see him struggling to become a better version of himself.


He is the most famous person here. :joy:

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@Martial_Beast …thank you for info. That account is banned as well … So administrators are doing a really good job.

It is actually pretty easy to find his accounts.
He always tells that he is married and always uses sparta themed images :smile:
We give him chances and ban him with the first wrong behavior.
I would guess it is his 10th account or so…