Sadness, a Worldwide Emotion

My maximum streak has been some 98 days. Everytime i relapse i really do learn something knew, i think one of the most important things to learn is that pornography is really just filmed prostitution. When we realise this we can put things into perspective. We’re watching men have sex with prostitutes, and what do most if not all prostitutes have in common? They’re all quite sad and depressed inside, their self-worth is stripped from them. Broken. I realised that even home videos are sad disgraceful things. How do you think it makes the woman in the video feel that her ex, someone she just hooked up with, or even her “man” who she gave 100% of her trust into filmed her and put her on a porn site for losers to jerk off to her everyday? Sad. You see, this sexual perversion we are born into makes our people believe if you aren’t hypersexual you aren’t wanted. These people aren’t body parts. They’re people with real emotions and real brokeness when men fail to realise this. Men are supposed to make women feel loved and protected, not broken and insecure. They are just as broken as you are if not worse. Think about that next time you think about pmo and whether it is even an option to you. God bless.


You speak out my heart. Well written!


I agree man! Some thoughts that I had on the matter:
Prostitution has always existed, and it always will. Some men don’t get the love they deserve and have to seek it in a prostitute, and some women don’t get the love they deserve and are forced to pick up that business, either by themselves or others. That’s just reality, and we can’t change that reality I guess. History has proven otherwise.
I can’t judge those people either. Sometimes circumstances of life force people to do stuff to get along. Same as someone has to pick up a job he doesn’t like because he has to earn money. People will always try to find a way to satisfy their basic needs, may that be hunger or a craving to be loved. It’s not nice, it makes me sad to think about, but that’s how it is.
BUT: those are the exeption regarding porn. The facts are that most people working in this business have a background of sexual abuse, were forced to do it, thought they had to it because of the money…and before they know it they can’t get out of it anymore. Most of them eventually take drugs to endure the pain caused by the stuff they have to do (no shit, look it up).
Which means it’s actually worse than prostitution. In my country, prostitution is legal if brothels apply to some set standards. If those standards are held (and of course, sometimes they are not), it’s actually a job as some others are as well, and woman OR men who work in that business can actually keep their dignity.
But not in the porn industry. It’s shitting on the dignity of human beings. And by watching it we support the whole business. I’d actually rather visit a prostitute here. That’s how bad porn is in my eyes.

Disclaimer: I’d still rather not visit a prostitute, just to make that clear, and in a perfect world, prostitution would not be necessary by any means.


Yeah i’ve seen the effects it has on people, it’s horrible. It’s such a vicious cycle that like you said many people can’t seem to get out of. It’s a cycle not only for the people on video but also for the people watching and i’m just hoping that more people can see that. God bless.


Very emotional thoughts.
Very True.

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