Rules are Important in life

Somebody once said:- “We all are animals. Rules are the only thing between the ones living in the city and the ones in the forest.” Rules are what makes a person who he or she is in life. Rules are like the food you eat. If proper diet is consumed, a person remains healthy and balanced,but if they fail to have proper food, they will become obese and will loose health. Rules bound us and help us to explore unlimited possiblites in life. Rules is what help one to fight this evil and ensure one lives a healthy and prosperous life. I am sharing my set of rules which I follow (or try to):-

  1. Sleep ATMOST 7 hrs.
  2. Leisure ATMOST 2 hrs.
  3. Work ATLEAST 12 hrs.
  4. Eat out ONLY ON weekends.
  6. NO Procastination AT ALL.
  7. Workout 2 hrs EVERYDAY.
  8. Meditate 30 min EVERYDAY.
  9. Call mom EVERYDAY
  10. DON’T break ANY rule.

Share yours and help this community to find and define their set of rules.


Absolutely awesome… Thanks for this share.