Rule violation or not

Hi, I have 9 days quit to addict. i have partner. Today come to my partner. He come after 1 months. if i will sex with him. Is it rule violation or not?
without porn?
after sex can i repeating my counter day or not?

Depends on the level of NoFap you are on and the rules YOU have set for yourself. If you have committed to monk mode NoFap/semen retention, it is to abstain from any sexual encounters and orgasm altogether. This is the best option for better, quicker recovery and rebooting(nobody says easy😁). If what you had decided earlier is Normal mode, sex with real people is allowed. Easy mode is bullshit.

Even then, please do not take it as an escape for your real world troubles, stress relief etc. they are wrong reasons. Also, DO NOT fall into chaser, afterwards, which is pretty easy to do. If you have a partner and had decided that you would follow normal mode NoFap earlier, there is no need to take it as a relapse.


I think if ur conscience allows it u can do since it is natural and not using simulations. before doing any act, think if that act will result in you feeling guilty if it does stop that act.
If i were in ur position i wuld tell my partner wat i am doing and why am i doing. This will result in my partner respecting me, trusting me…