Romao's diary - 6 months to go

Day 1

My marriage is scheduled for August 28th. I want to start my married life porn free, so I think I need to get to it right away.

I’ve been trying to quit PMO for a while now, but in a serious way for like almost 2 years.

Wish me luck, I want to be the best version of myself to my fiancé. She doesn’t know about this addiction. And I’ve never had sex, I plan to do it only after getting married. (I’m a christian)

I came to a point that my urges are strong after a week, so I’m getting 1 week streak almost everytime. The longest I got was 40 days, I think. I didn’t count the days that time.

So, I’m writing this diary just to express myself and maybe this will facilitate things.


Day 2 -
Yesterday I uninstalled all my social media apps.
That helps a lot, thank God.
I’m really good right now, hope to keep up like this.


We are all in this war together.
Am also a Christian if you care to know.

I think uninstalling all your social media apps would help but I think it would also make you have little or nothing to do with your phone which gets you feeling bored and the night trigger the urge when you are in your private space. Unless you are always engaged tho or find another set type of activity to replace the time you used to spend on social media.

I actually need an accountability partner and would be open to anyone interested.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Day 3
Today feels like a good day. I love Saturdays.
Yesterday I went to a doctor, I have a sexual problem I need to work on before my wedding.
I told my fiancée that (that took a load out my chest), she understood and is supporting me.
So, I’ll pick up my meds today and hope it’ll help.

Stay sharp

Day 4

Today I talked about my situation of PMO with my fiancé. I was really ashamed, but she is being really supportive. Hopefully that’ll help.

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Day 5

Great day today! I passed an exam certification that I was really looking forward for. No urges yet, I hope to keep up like this.

Day 6

Some urges, but nothing major.
Went back to the gym, I was almost 2 weeks away because I got covid. It’s good to be back.

Day 7
A good day, I’m really tired, the gym yesterday was a bit too much. Well, no major urges yet.

Day 8
Some urges today, but I ignored them.
I booked a spanish lesson for tomorrow. I’m talking to many spanish speakers at work, so I need it.
The gym is killing me, but that’s a good sign. It’s like they say, “no pain, no gain”.

stay sharp

Day 9

I started spanish lessons today, it was good. Some real urges, almost ended up masturbating with no porn. But I’m okay now. Starting the weekend in great form.

Day 10
No urges today. I’m very tired, did a lot of stuff. Rest a bit because tomorrow is sunday.