[Rohit's Diary] For my upcoming Life

#day 1 … Started Hope I’ll win this battle !


Day 2 - Lossing interest in study

Day- 3 I had a fight yesterday and that was very bad I don’t why I’m getting angry so easily …

Bro @Rohitaddicteed , get disciplined. Start inculcating some routines including Meditation, Affirmation exercise etc.

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When I was deeply addicted (and still nowadays after I relapsed) I’m short tempered as well. Just feels like everything is so annoying that time.
But it gets better. The better you get, the more balanced your moods and mindset become


Day - 4 COMPLETED it was a good day I enjoyed with my friends …

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Day -7 feeling laziness not interested in study …

Day-11 feeling urges, Bored ! My mind is convincing me to watch porn for some minutes but I’m ignoring , trying to be busy ,I don’t know why I’m not studying ???

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Day - 16 I Broke my previous streak :innocent::innocent:
My Mind state - feeling bored , loosing my interest in study, I don’t know what is going on FeeING lonely …


Start a hobby like playing sports or start cold showering, that might make you feel less lonely.

Day - 19 Getting high urges .…

Day - 22 relapsed :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

This is not the way to do it brother
Check out the diaries of your companions in here. Add some daily routines. Workout.
We have to channel our energy to succeed in nofap.