Roads_to_purity's diary

Today is my 48 days,after 2 days,when I will hit 50 days. I will start jolting down my experiences. The reason that I had waited for 50 days is because I consider first myself should be free from fapping,then only I guess I’m eligible enough to start sharing experiences and give advises.

I will wake up at 4 am every morning,and then do yoga for 30 minutes, jog for at least 20 minutes,and finish 1 chapter per day of the book " autobiography of an yogi"

I’m not targeting to achieve 90 days streak,but much beyond that.
Although achieving 90 days streak is a major milestone for nofap admirers.

Give me your blessings and positive response so that I can achieve 1000 days of nofap


Good start brother keep it up i hope i also get the will power like you to complete 50 days no fap no porn no erotic scene no erotic thoughts no unnecessary touching penis
My current streak 3 day highest 7 days​:neutral_face::expressionless::sweat_smile:


Try to be off phone for as long as possible… The results will be astonishing


As I said earlier,I’m gonna be writing down my experiences here after I hit 50 days.

Today,I hit 50 days streak

I failed to wake up at 4:30 am as I went to sleep very late at night around 2 am

I didn’t able to go to jogging today as it was raining outside :sob:

The only thing I did able to achieve on my to-do list is that I have read one chapter successful of " autobiography of an yogi"
Today I came to know about one impressive personality and an avatar of god,Christ version of India - The great Mahavatar Babaji. He is said to have age more than 1000 years !!! This is so unbelievably truly. He takes his bodily form whenever he likes.

Out of curiosity,when I googled about him,I didn’t find much information but there are some strong evidence claiming his existence. Many sages are claimed to have seen him while they went to Himalayan mountains.

Thanks for reaching


Relapsed yesterday at 12:45 pm without p#rn, I did it after a long time, but still fapping is bad, either with p#rn or without. I’m observing now all the nasty aftermath of relapsing. Guys don’t relapse at any cost. Today I wasn’t able to focus on the task, unable to think properly :frowning:
If I have observed with me, I had to sacrifice 2-3 days worth of living after relapse. Now this time I am f&&king determined to stay clean this year. Enough is done. Whenever I feel horny, I will post here and hope you guys will motivate me not to give up
CS : Day 1
Jogging : Yes,30 minutes !