Road to Greatness- Terbasko's diary

Day 1.
After 25 days and relapse now I know that I must committed to this journey no matter what
so I can get rid of this horrible nightmare of relapse.So here I go

1.get sleep early at 11 some workout healthy food and no sugar my assignment
5.Meditation 5 min


Plan is good. Be cautious and patient in the first days. Good luck :wink:


Hello @Terbasko
Come on maaaan , day by day you will see the new one of you , keep up don’t doubt please …
There will be mistakes … :sweat_smile::ok_hand:
Nooo problem :shushing_face:
You will do it man … you will :muscle::muscle:.
Stay_appreciate_each_day .

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Day 3

After a binge of relapse,now I am three days of nofap.Overall my mood is balanced and I have vision on what to do.I also have less anxiety to interact with people.This battle is going to be hard but I am stronger than that.I forgive myself for my mistake and be wiser and stronger than before.

Day 6

Feeling stress and want to pmo because I procrastinated my assignment that was need to be done 2 weeks ago and I didn’t finish it due to pmo.But if I start pmo,I will keep repeating the cycle of shame and addiction so I must complete it no matter what.It is scary how one peek could destroy all your gains and focus.

Day 10

Emotionally stable even bombarded with urge in the morning.Also can maintain eye contact without breaking it.Beside that,I can focus in my class even with some foggy brain.If I can do it one day,I will simply do it for rest of my life.All it takes is hard work and dedication.The trigger is everywhere but I takes control of my life.

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hey mate how are you doing are u still with us??

best regards

Yes, still on the process