Road to 90 Days ez mode chaps


I might try the diary thing. My ultimate goal is to reach 90 days, no masturbation or anything and after that just limit masturbation but no porn or pics, I dont think abstaining from masturbation altogether is possible and if so, propably not worth the trouble. I will continue updating if I feel like it but I just might not. Brief background: I tried NoFap 3 years ago, didnt put mind to it, so my interest didnt last long. After I accomplish 90 Days, my goal is to “contain” masturbation, I just want to limit to maybe twice a week, once a week, once every two weeks, will depend on a week. Overall I feel good and content on a daily basis but what Ive noticed is that after barely 3/4days Iam much more “me”: Im aggressive, unselfconcious, much more focused on me than things that dont concern me. I want this state to become permament, but I feel like doing 90 Days first. Im at 6th day today. Easy so far.


Welcome on board!

And just do it! :slight_smile:

Welcome! Improving your life is always worthwile

But maybe don’t plan everything out just yet. Nofap and the changes you will go through on the way to reach that 90 day goal isn’t just a hobby but may possibly effect you, your mind and your life much more.
Go for the 90 days, that’s already a huge start. Think about what comes after that on day 91 :upside_down_face:

7th day mark just passed. Easy so far. From what I’ve read next 2 weeks are supposed to be the toughest. Im pretty excited to test them against my will which I think is pretty strong xd

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Oh yes! I’m sure it’s! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

How old are you?