Road to 1 year (Jorge 19m)

Hello y’all, I am 19M and I’ve been addicted to porn for about 7 years now. It is not until recently that I started to notice the severity of my addiction. I’ve never had to try in high school but now that I am in college on a pre-med track, where the courses demand the best of me, I find it increasingly hard to find motivation to study or rather to accomplish anything. I imagine my frontal lobe is out of wack as I tend to act on impulse and I need a 24/7 constant high (wether it be porn, video games, YouTube etc.) or else I become irritable. I’ve been on and off since then, fighting a never ending war but I’ve had enough. I am tired of letting assignments slip by, of bieng unable to reach an orgasm with another human bieng, of facing social anxiety due to brain fog & a stutter, of feeling like an empty shell. It is time I take control of the present and dictate my own future so I can achieve my goals and aspirations. It will be rough but I am aiming for 1 year so I can rewire my brain. This is a wonderful community from what I’ve seen so far and I appreciate if you took the time to read this. You can join me on this journey as we grow as individuals and retake our lives. Let us no longer be slaves to our minds!! (Repost)


R-1y (Road to 1 year) Day 4

Hello yall Jorge here sharing my experience so far since I started my journey to rewire my brain.

Urges have been strong the first 1-3 days but I have been able to manage mostly by keeping myself busy with school work and emt rideouts.

Today I have begun to workout once again to build discipline and hone will power.

  • I strongly recommend this to everyone embarking on this journey *
    I have also had trouble sleeping so lifting will tire me out so I can be ready for bed by the end of the day.

My routine consists of:
Chest + Triceps
Cardio + Abs
Back + Biceps
Active recovery (light cardio) + abs

Each day for 45m - 1hr

This is by no means professional advice but this is a good routine I have built with years of experience prior with being an athlete in highschool.

If you are looking for a beginner routine you can focus on the core parts of the body and split it into 3x a week instead of 5x so something like this

Chest + Biceps
Back + Triceps

Adding light ab workouts at the end of each session.

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