Ritesh's Dairy. M[21]

Week 1 has started

35 hours of study
Read and listen to 2 books
General habits all week -> Getting up at 7, Exercise, Meditation, skincare, plan and journal every night , podcast

Emotion vs Progress.

Next time you have any urge or rationalization just calmly remind yourself that this is just an escape from the boredom, laziness, sorrow, depression, sadness or any other emotion that is the called life what happens when you take the escape you get to keep the emotion what every it is you’re trying to escape and you give away the progress.

Remembering this will help you choose between progress and emotion. In my 1 year of giving up PMO. I don’t do it as much now tho I’d still be happier when this time I give this bad habit away and am free from this is what I’m now coz it doesn’t get much of the attention it used to before.

Choose wisely for today and tomorrow foreget about after that just today and tomorrow choose progress choose happiness and peace in your life.

Om namah shivay.