Ritesh's Dairy. M[21]

I’m obliged​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::grin:
I would recommend Atomic habits and the podcast of James clear on London real too.

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Had a great day again. Completed one of my major tasks I had been postponing since so long.
Got up early 6:30
4.5 hours of study
Recovery workshop done
Exercise done
Ie major things done

Now will meditate and then journal and set tomorrow’s plan with time blocking and then read Book for 30 mins. Then night night.

I’m a person who doesn’t watch porn so I didn’t today.

Helped cleaning our house for diwali.

Stayed loyal to myself and prioritised my happiness.

One week - 0 times
Coz I’m a person who doesn’t watch porn and neither craves mental fantasy.




True consistency is the most important thing.

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Good that you are doing upa yoga and Isha Kriya. I have been doing Isha practices since almost 2 years now regularly. I must say, it has transformed me!! Wish you all the best in your journey.

Tip- Hatha yoga , inner engineering etc by isha are really a different level of yoga practices. It will support you to a great extent.

I’ve grown skeptic of Isha Kriya tho all others have been a great help to me.

Clarity- I’ve grown skeptic coz if I have to work for myself hard enough whenever I do Isha Kriya. I have trouble maintaining the dual identity ie one says I’m doing this for myself that is physical pleasure(Exercise and all or anything) or for accomplishing that will physically and mentally be worth it.
But then comes Isha Kriya and I get thrown and said you’re not the body or the mind. I understand the reason behind it but currently I’m don’t think I can make that Transition and work as a care taker of the body and the mind and still have drive to the current extent.

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Hmm…I would ask you to realize it as a truth…a reality… rather than intellectualize it. It can actually be used as a very good tool to stay focused in one direction and not be distracted by the naggings of the body and the mind.

Yes ik it’s a reality, and have tried but struggled with it so left it aside for a bit maybe in future will try to get into it again.

What’s your Meditation routine like?

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Hmm…agreed. It’s not easy to follow many things in spiritual life. It comes in time.

My sadhana routine is

Surya shakthi
Shakti chalana Kriya
Shambhavi mahamudra

Night -

If I have time, I do an extra Hatha yoga practice and Shakti chalana in the evening

I have reached Day 10(not that it matters much) but I’ve been a person who doesn’t watch porn or masturbates for 10 days and after this change in identity I’ve glided through my reboot to proving with action.

That’s a lot of Shakti man.

I will search it and see if I can do it too.

Hatha yoga by sadhguru or you can find it online too? Any good recommendations

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Yes …it’s incredible…the level of poise and strength of both the body and mind increased dramatically since I started yoga…

All practices that I do are from isha…I’ve never tried online yoga…so don’t know wat to recommend

I strongly suggest you to learn yoga in person from someone…coz I strongly feel yoga is one thing that can’t and shouldn’t be learnt or taught online since it’s much more than exercise…

You can try simple practices like yoga namaskar by Isha though as it’s comparatively safer than learning other complex yogic practices like Surya namaskar, yogasanas etc online.

I’ll look into it then for sure.

Into the addiction cycle.

I won’t relapse.
Will do star system now.

Will see you guys in an hour. Will stay true to my values. I’m a person who doesn’t watch porn.


Got out of the urge/craving.
A small win goes long way.

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I’m thinking of starting my day to-do list here again. Will post aajse hi

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These 90 or 80 days are still gonna pass but what matters the most what you invest in. What kind of person you vote for! Do you vote for the person who takes up a challenge stays stuck with ut for 3-4 years of overcomes it fast and then gets to other meaningful things…

Choose wisely my friends.

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October 19:

:white_check_mark:Got up at 6:30 (made up a system of drinking 1 liter of water when the alarm rings)
:white_check_mark:Yoga, meditation and read 1 page of don’t sweat the small stuff, journaled
:white_check_mark:Sattu and powder.

:white_check_mark:Followed to-do list
:x:Nap in afternoon
:white_check_mark:Studied 5.5 hr
:white_check_mark:Recovery nation day 8
:x:Not wasting time on YouTube(used it while lunch )

:white_check_mark: Exercise

  • Meditation, Wim hof Exercise.
    -Audiobook 45 minutes
  • Journal and plan tomorrow.

I had a great day I fought the urge and overcame it.

I’m a person who doesn’t watch porn or masturbates rather I’m a person who works for personal improvement and focused on improving my life.

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October 20:

:x:7:45- didn’t follow the system switched off the alarm nd went back to sleep, yet have whole day will work the clock
:white_check_mark:Yoga, Meditation, books and journal done.
:white_check_mark:Study 1 hr done (30 mins to go)
:white_check_mark:Sattu and powder

:white_check_mark:Followed to-do list
:white_check_mark:Studied 3 hours
:white_check_mark:Recovery nation day 10
:white_check_mark:Stayed true to not watch YouTube

:white_check_mark: Exercise

  • Meditation
    -audiobook 45 min
  • journal and plan for tomorrow

Had a great day fought the urge and stayed true to my partner. I love myself and my life. Grateful for it.
Focus on what you have rather than what you don’t.