Ritesh's Dairy. M[21]

Doing the same Routine Would never give a different Result so I’m here to show I can do diffrent.



October will be better than September just one I will give my best.

I’m noting this here to be different
What different am I thinking?

  1. If I get an urge, then I will go for a walk and meditate.
  2. I mostly relapse at night so. If it’s 9 pm, then I will shut my mobile off. If it’s 10 pm, then I will shut my laptop off.
    3.I will Visit Recovery Nation daily as they have an amazing recovery routine of 78 days. I don’t believe in abstinence so I will recover to health.

Best of luck to you! I don’t have that same habit, but I do understand having an obsessive distraction. I’ll spend hours and hours downloading mods for games, finding all the best ones and watching them download. Then, by like midnight or later, ill finally boot the game up and it either won’t work and I’ll just quit, frustrated, or I’ll play for five minutes and immediately get bored. All that time for nothing. I don’t know what I get out of it, it baffles me.

Anyway, once again good luck. Go out there and kick ass.


There needs to be some study over collecting novelty.


First challenge is to Read Fortify Book and Stay away from any media relating to porn for 21 days. I have done it earlier and I know I can do it again. I will stay honest and daily write about what I did different to have a different result than earlier.

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Day 3 going on. Har a huge urge in the afternoon I rode the wave and I’m here sitting after an exercise proud of myself. The flashback of a girl is coming back again nd again nd I’ve rationalized it for that she has done those videos for her lover who she trusted and loved but then he took advantage nd she might be hurt so I can’t help what happened but I can take a stand to not support either that rascal who took her advantage or the guy who now is sharing the videos around. I’m gonna do good rest doesn’t matter.

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September 28-
Today is day 1 went pretty smoothly.

Morning Routine:
:white_check_mark:Got up at 6:30
:white_check_mark: Aloevera and Acv juice (trying to be healthy)
:white_check_mark: Upa yoga with a variation of Surya namaskar
:white_check_mark:Isha Kriya meditation
:white_check_mark:One page of Don’t sweat the small stuff.
:x: Journaling

:white_check_mark: 3 hours of study tho short by 3 hours.
:white_check_mark:Took nap in afternoon after lunch
:white_check_mark: Had a small urge in the afternoon meditated on Mahamrityunjay jap.

:white_check_mark: Lesson one started on Recovery nation. I will suggest my brother’s @_KarmaYogi @Peter1505 and others to have a look at this site ie Recovery nation it’s a recovery based forum with resources of fighting the compulsive behaviour coz absentism is not recovery as per me but understand the dephts you can rest assured that you’ll have a life with good foundation.
:white_check_mark: Exercise done
:white_check_mark:Relaxing done
:white_check_mark:Wim hof exercise for increasing tlc and it feels good
:white_check_mark:Isha Kriya done.

Day 1 completed
Satisfied with it
Thoughts- in Isha Kriya there’s this chant that I’m not the body and I’m not the mind. I understand more now coz we are even scientifically the prefrontal cortex ie that’s where most of our value based decisions are made so I do understand it now. I control both my body and mind so I’m responsible for it and we were sent here for the purpose of being the best we can and make a life filled with love and satisfaction for ourself and through Completing challenges and being in the discomfort zone do we achieve that, and this is uncomfortable at times that’s why I love doing this. I feel this time I can and will get to 90 days with right set of strategy ie if I touch the area 10 pushups or squats, if I feel an urge to do something I will do 10*10 pushups and then meditation heck I don’t care if it takes an hour for the energy to diversify in my body. I’ve know alot of people who say this is worth it and I’m doning this coz I don’t like the lifestyle I was living earlier tho a bit aversion is there but with truth that’s what is done.
Note : I will also not lie from now on I feel the soul being stained every time I lie may it be in joke or real.


Thanks @Ritesh_k99 greatly appreciate it !!
and great to have a fellow Isha yogi here.

Hows your experience with it?

September 29 2020:
Day is going great. Read Fortify Book yesterday it has some golden strategy in it(tho earlier I’ve just read 50 pages but now plan to complete it in this week itself coz people suffer mostly of indecision)
:white_check_mark:Got up at 7 posted on waking up early.
:white_check_mark:Yoga and Isha Kriya done
:white_check_mark:Drank aloevera juice with the powder for eye health
:white_check_mark: Journaled about the drawback of porn a brief reminder for myself today.

Was having flashbacks yesterday in dream but went smoothly.
:white_check_mark:Read Book and helped out other people

:white_check_mark: utilising Don’t sweat the small stuff knowledge to be calm during the day
:white_check_mark:3.5 hours of study done(30 min more than yesterday)
:white_check_mark:Took nap in the afternoon
:white_check_mark:5 liters of water and 1 cup green tea.
:white_check_mark:Contacted someof my friends.
:white_check_mark:listened to Long halted podcast on investing.

:x:Didn’t read the recovery Nation. Aim to do it tomorrow at 5 goal is 3 lessons a week.
:white_check_mark: Exercise done.
:white_check_mark:Walked 5.70 km today
:white_check_mark:Relaxing done
:white_check_mark:Wim hof breathing exercise
:white_check_mark:Isha Kriya evening
:white_check_mark:Book reading.

Goof night my friends was a satisfactory day no urges whatsoever tho few thoughts but let it be and came out a winner. Love to all of you reading this.

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Thank you brother for suggestion. How can I reach the forum?

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September 30- Day 3

The basics:
:x:Got up late at 8:45 today.(tired from yesterday’s exercise)
:white_check_mark: Maintained healthy diet whole day (Aloe and powder in the morning and rice in the afternoon)
The morning (20/20/20)ritual:
20 min of yoga:
:x:No yoga today coz of getting up late
20 min of Reflection and calmness:
20 min of reading and wisdom:
:white_check_mark:Read one page don’t sweat the small stuff
:white_check_mark:45 mins of study.

:white_check_mark:Helped around.
:white_check_mark:Time spent praying.
:white_check_mark: Total 4 hours of study done(more than yesterday)
:white_check_mark:Watched a movie while lunch but didn’t take a nap.
:white_check_mark:Recalled my intentions and goal for my journey.

:white_check_mark: Exercise done
:white_check_mark:Wim hof breathing exercises
:white_check_mark: Meditation done
:white_check_mark:Journaling and reading Fortify book done(10 pages)

“There’s a space between stimulas and response. Only that response matter and guess what that’s in your control” I will respond in a healthy manner to any urge or desire I have coz.
My core values of why I’m doing this recovery!?

  1. I feel shit after watching porn or masturbating and both porn and masturbation adversely affect my body so they are not worth the second of fleeting pleasure
  2. The main cause behind any addiction is escapism from your life itself and I’m super grateful for the life I have and I don’t want to run from it but live it and make it spectacular and the fleeting also takes away from me the opportunity to be better coz that’s why lord gives us the challenge to get face it any get better so what’s the use of running away sooner or later I have to face it so rather face it while I can and not waste my time.
  3. Porn is not real the people are not real and 70 percentage of porn is made of sex trafficked people and I don’t support that kind of thing. All the people may it be girl or boys are in some way forced, coerced or cheated and I don’t support that either what if I was one of them would I do it? No, so I’m not watching it.
  4. Porn and masturbation blow up the sexual appetite and extreme amount of lust has never been good or beneficial.
  5. It ruing my social, physical, performance and financial status and I want to succeed in all those.

Benefits that I’d get from completing this reboot are:

  1. Higher status in all the statuses sapiens deem worthy ie physical, performance ,financial, social, moral and sexual.
  2. I feel alive and respect for myself when I see one more day added.
  3. I will get the emotional balance with which I can live my life better.
    4.Delayed gratification is the moto of life and success happens then only so I want that.
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Good morning team🥰

It’s October I will goo pure this whole month but focus first on the day.

1st October.

The basics
:white_check_mark:Got up at 6:45(8 hours of sleep)
:white_check_mark:Aloe and powder done
:white_check_mark:20/20/20 ritual done(felt rejuvenated)
:white_check_mark:Star routine of Fortify book (responsy was journaling)
:white_check_mark:Read atomic habits book and journaled after ward
:white_check_mark:1 hour of studying done.

:white_check_mark:Helped around
:white_check_mark:Spent time in prayer
:white_check_mark:3 hour 22 mins of study done (tho less than yesterday but got some news and got stuck in that)
:white_check_mark: Did the Star routine and felt great
:white_check_mark:Read a book while lunch today
:white_check_mark:Read 5 pages of atomic habits and get a great insight of following a system rather than goal.
:white_check_mark:Did day 2 recovery workshop. Feeling satisfied

:white_check_mark: Exercise done
:white_check_mark:Will do wim hof exercise, Meditation, once more the star ritual then read Book and sleep.

My system is to follow my todo list and advance in life with fulfillment and achieving my goals through it.
For No fap my system is to follow the Star routine 2x a daily and watch the thought rather than be the thought. Do recovery Nation workshop daily and recover and not just abstain from my addiction.

I am doing this because I want true satisfaction from my life whuch porn doesn’t even give when you complete watching it. Then what’s the use of it if you always feel shameful and loathe yourself after watching it.
Om namah shivay.

Feeling great. So grateful to be a part of this journey. It’s the response that matters. Healthy habits results in success. You’re consciously or unconsciously choosing your own trajectory. Please choose wisely.

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whats 20/20/20 ritual

It’s the thing I got from 5 am club ie after waking up first 20 mins is of physical exertion for sweating, next 20 mins for reflection ie Meditation, and next 20 is for learning

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All the other habits matter more than that one moment where you will fight the urge, keep practicing all other habits that are the foundation such as exercising, self talk(just think of it as a kid wanting his drugs how will you refuse him? By being a bit strict and a bit patient all the while making him understand the reason of why you’re not giving him the drug), and meditation or star ritual as said in fortify.

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Evening team:

October 2 it is.

:x:Got up late haha (too much tired) (had a night fall too)
:white_check_mark:Aloe and powder done
:white_check_mark:20/20/20 done
:white_check_mark:Star routine done(got some amazing insights today)
:white_check_mark:Journaled and read atomic habits/don’t sweat the small stuff
:white_check_mark: Studied 1 hr
:white_check_mark:Skincare routine

:white_check_mark:4 hours study
:white_check_mark:Spent time in prayer
:white_check_mark:Was having urge coz of anxiety responded with Star routine and success.
:white_check_mark: Beat a negative self talk.(https://medium.com/@nickwignall/how-to-change-negative-thinking-patterns-for-good-f11cb44a6cf4) a good article.

:white_check_mark:Will do recovery now.
:white_check_mark:Will walk 10k steps (that’s the exercise for today)
:white_check_mark:Will do wim hof Exercise, Meditation, and then read Fortify 20 pages today.

One insight I got today is that goals don’t work, ie losers and winners both have the same goal but why do winners succedd because they have a strategy and a system without system theres no use of any goal. What’s better than advice from a NBA player “Score takes care of itself”
(And don’t worry about the past it was also important to bring you here and I have always loved getting this moment of moments of failure and in the end learning from it.)

I see so many people who worry so much about doing alot, treat things as an energy only spend what is needed coz then when you’re exhausted you won’t get much ahead. So do what’s essential and then wind off. Guys here are studying 11-12 hours and then expecting to not have a relapse. Dude do you really want a life where you’re just mugging up and exerting yourself to death that you don’t want to get up the next day even . So my only advice is have a system and go slow.

Smoke and dust so strive to be a human you want to be and not just achieving goals. And set goals accordingly

Slow success while being satisfied with it is still success

Had an amazing morning

Thought: When you give heed to past ie last 25 days I’ve been free of porn or masturbating obviously it will put pressure on you. And does those past days even matter? You’re trying to be free today not in the past so only worry about today . Be free and happy today

Couldn’t post today a hectic day it was. Had a night fall yesterday again😭