Ritesh's daily Journey

September 28-
Today is day 1 went pretty smoothly.

Morning Routine:
:white_check_mark:Got up at 6:30
:white_check_mark: Aloevera and Acv juice (trying to be healthy)
:white_check_mark: Upa yoga with a variation of Surya namaskar
:white_check_mark:Isha Kriya meditation
:white_check_mark:One page of Don’t sweat the small stuff.
:x: Journaling

:white_check_mark: 3 hours of study tho short by 3 hours.
:white_check_mark:Took nap in afternoon after lunch
:white_check_mark: Had a small urge in the afternoon meditated on Mahamrityunjay jap.

:white_check_mark: Lesson one started on Recovery nation. I will suggest my brother’s @_KarmaYogi @Peter1505 and others to have a look at this site ie Recovery nation it’s a recovery based forum with resources of fighting the compulsive behaviour coz absentism is not recovery as per me but understand the dephts you can rest assured that you’ll have a life with good foundation.
:white_check_mark: Exercise done
:white_check_mark:Relaxing done
:white_check_mark:Wim hof exercise for increasing tlc and it feels good
:white_check_mark:Isha Kriya done.

Day 1 completed
Satisfied with it
Thoughts- in Isha Kriya there’s this chant that I’m not the body and I’m not the mind. I understand more now coz we are even scientifically the prefrontal cortex ie that’s where most of our value based decisions are made so I do understand it now. I control both my body and mind so I’m responsible for it and we were sent here for the purpose of being the best we can and make a life filled with love and satisfaction for ourself and through Completing challenges and being in the discomfort zone do we achieve that, and this is uncomfortable at times that’s why I love doing this. I feel this time I can and will get to 90 days with right set of strategy ie if I touch the area 10 pushups or squats, if I feel an urge to do something I will do 10*10 pushups and then meditation heck I don’t care if it takes an hour for the energy to diversify in my body. I’ve know alot of people who say this is worth it and I’m doning this coz I don’t like the lifestyle I was living earlier tho a bit aversion is there but with truth that’s what is done.
Note : I will also not lie from now on I feel the soul being stained every time I lie may it be in joke or real.


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