[risinglion123] The Diary of a common man

Some of you might know me here. I have been in this forum for almost 1 year. With the blessings of God and support of few members here , I have reached 1000 days of No Porn. When it comes to masturbation , I am just a noob who relapses once a week.

This is actually my 3rd diary. I abandoned by previous 2 diaries. Thanks to my impulsive behavior and my pessimistic mindset. And more than that I lost the streak of 1000 days of No Porn. Again thanks to my haters who constantly demotivated me everyday when I announced about this in my first diary and my pessimistic mindset. So I am no different from a regular PMOer.

Regarding my PMO story , I have mentioned in my first diary " Risinglion Journey to Monk Mode ". After a lot of thinking , I reached a stage in which I decided to start small. My counter showing in the app is wrong. Because I am no longer using it.

So I decided that I will start with one habit a time. Once I am consistent for consecutive 21 days. I am upgrade to two habits and so on. I know 21 day is a myth but I believe that on my 22nd day , I will find my first habit easier compared to my first day.

So that’s it. This is my intention of this diary. I may share thoughts and experiences in my life. Those are ready to help me when I am down are always appreciated. Please feel free to express your opinions here.

As mentioned earlier , I have abandoned my 2 diaries. I don’t know whether I will abandon this. But I will try my level best not to.

To my haters , now I have literally nothing to lose. Also I don’t care about the opinions of people who demotivates me.

Have a nice day.


My First Habit

1. Study Regularly.

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I allow myself to PMO every single day with the condition that I will study my topics on a daily basis.

For me , This is not a no PMO forum , but a self improvement forum.

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Day 1

:white_check_mark: Study Regularly

Are you sure this is what you want brother. I know this happens when you are super exhausted and nothing works. But believe me you need to hold on. There is a quote

you are not truly defeated until you accept it.

You are still on a no porn streak. Just a single mistake cannot destroy it all. And that is also after 1000 days. That’s unbelievable.

You know the story a spider was climbing a rock and fell 7 times but never lost hope and finally after 8th try it climb the rock.
He fell 7 seven times and didn’t lose willpower. You should too not lose it.
Keep hustling.


bro, we have much to learn from eachother… i got 592 days of nofap streak… but my no pon streak is less…


Thank you , I could have controlled my urge to watch porn easily. But I didn’t because of my terrible mindset. I am not trying to lead a PMO life. But I want to focus on my academics first. No one will give us a job for having 1000 days no PMO. I will only use it as a reward system if I complete my academic work. But I will surely try to get rid of it after some time.


Wow Congratulations bro !!! That’s a marvelous streak bro. Keep going bro. Yes I have a lot to learn from you. Please feel free to express your methods you adopted to reach this far.


As you wish brother. But still I must say you have parents watching you. And I think this is surely not what they would want.

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I was able to reach 1000 days streak only thinking about my mom. But my academics is now terrible. But I promise within a few months , I will make my parents proud both in terms of academics and my no PMO lifestyle.



yep…you too…


go to toilet when you get an urge… :sweat_smile: it reduces your urge to 50 to 60 percent…


That’s great then. All the best,:facepunch::facepunch:


Not gonna lie they got us on the first half​:sweat_smile::joy::joy:


Yeah it works for me too. I was able to overcome a lot of physical urges by this method :joy: My main reason for MO relapse was mostly due to mind manipulation than my regular urges.


yeah… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: thats contrasting people say you need to get out of the house…but first go to toilet and then get out of the house… :sweat_smile:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: then you will feel good.


yeah… :rofl:


mind manpulation meaning?


A situation where my mind tricks me with a lot of stupid reasons to relapse.


so what tricks does your mind play…? just list them down here … next time it will get easier for you…

for me my mind recalls the embarasing momments that i had… :sweat_smile: thats called extreme manipulation… :rofl: