# Risinglion 123 - Gotta Catch em all πŸ”΄

Can’t control the laughter :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:


Bulbasaur gained 89 points

Bulbasaur grew Level 5

43 more exp for Level 6

1 day streak habits

  • Bullet journalling
  • Positive affirmations
  • Studying daily
  • Grooming ( Brushing twice)
  • Daily writing
  • Eating on time
  • No Junk Food
  • Daily Journalling
  • Planning for next day
  • Visualizing

Bulbasaur ( Level 5)


  1. Tackle
  2. Growl

Always Thank God for everything :pray:

What a fight
I was about to bring pop corn

Now what if I flag someone and you two start fighting again :joy::joy:

Lmao , just kidding

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If that’s inappropriate you should flag, but aise hi jhnde innocent pr gaadna wo glt hai, banda ban tak ho skta hai, jaise Its_not_me_fapping_all_day (that guy who wasn’t changing that dp) ke saath hua tha , jab power hai toh sahi jgh istemaal kro aisi bakloli krne se kuch nhi hoga.

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Lmao finally opened :joy::joy:
They two fckd his diary with their fight :joy::joy:


During their fight , I thought of putting the Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme :joy: , but my internet was too slow to post it.