# Risinglion 123 - Gotta Catch em all 🔴

Hi everyone. This is a challenge , I give to myself which relates Pokemon to discipline. So Sorry this is not the challenge that other can participate.

Why I kept this in a challenge category is that this category closes after 10 days of no reply unlike diary. I am a hard-core Pokemon fan , so I thought of associating discipline in the things I love to do

This challenge has some rules I give to myself


  1. The main purpose of this challenge is to catch all Pokemon and level them to 100.

  2. I will be given a starter Pokemon. I will get my next Pokemon only when I level my current Pokemon to 100.

  3. Like anime , The current Pokemon learns moves which is used to make challenge interesting.

  4. The current Pokemon gains experience points , which leads to level up if I accumulate enough no. of experience points.

  5. There is a rule in which I get experience points. For every S tier habits I do , I get 4 experience points. A tier leads to 3 points, B tiet leads to 2 points and C tier ( Not really a habit ) leads to 1 points.

  1. With increased in every level of your current Pokemon , there would be a 0.1 x boost for every tier habit you do. If the exp points is a decimal. It would be rounded off to the next number. The only exception is that when your Pokemon is level 2 , there would be 0.2 × boost

  2. There would be 0.1 × boost for every habit you do everyday consecutively. For example, 0.2 boost if habits done 2 days consecutively, 0.3 if 3 days consecutively. 0.1 × boost for every consecutive badge you obtain in RC app which is been applied to habits.

So that’s it. Let me give a try.

P.S - I really want to involve everyone in this challenge, but I have no idea how. So all yours suggessions are welcome. For the time being , this challenge is only for me. I’ve reached a stage in my life where strong actions are mandatory. So Sorry for inconvenience

Growth rate of Pokemon

I choose Bulbasaur as my first Pokemon

Bulbasaur learnset

Growth rate - Medium Slow

My Pokemon

1. Bulbasaur ( Level 1 )


  1. Tackle
  2. Growl

9 exp points to level 2

Just made some modifications associated with tier habits which works for me

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Gotta catch them all bro :fire::fire::fire::fire::joy::joy:


I was afraid because i thought it’s your new diary.

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Bulbasaur gained 47 exp

Bulbasaur grew level 2

Bulbasaur ( Level 2 )



Bulbasaur need 10 exp for level 3

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I thought that too :joy:.
Risinglion is finding new ways to create diaries, it says challenge but everyone knows deep down what it actually is :joy:


Le rising lion be like :-

Diary in disguise.


Added a new habit of no video games which belongs to A tier habit from now on.

One more dairy ?
Here we go again

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No its a challenge. Please believe me :joy::joy::joy: @Samaranjay , @Sholt_Peterson and @NofapperAADI


Man , the way you edited is superb :joy::joy::joy:

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I was laughing a lot while editing it :rofl:, and tbh i am still laughing :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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