RIP PMO BATTLE (entries closed)

RIP-PMO-BATTLE ₍₄₋₁₋₂₀₂₁₋₋₃₁₋₁₋₂₀₂₁₎

Survive Till The End

This challenge is based on your ongoing current or maximum streak. You are supposed to be on the top and others will try to compete you. The member with maximum points will be the winner. One who relapse, his/her score will fall to zero (0) and needs to start again.

Actions Symbols
Workout :weight_lifting_man:
Reading :open_book:
Cold Shower :shower:
Meditation :innocent:

Points for each actions

Actions Points
:weight_lifting_man: 2
:open_book: 2
:shower: 2
:innocent: 2

In future more actions can be entertained.

Note:- People like Nick are strictly prohibited and advised to stay far from this thread. False points may lead to permanent expel from this challenge. If found to cheat, misbehave, dishonest, disrespectful acts he/she will be discontinued to move further.
Stay happy and enjoy the challenge. :slightly_smiling_face:

To join this challenge please provide the required information in the format given below.

Name - Xarvis
Age - 18
Gender - M
S. Code - paidcd
C. Streak - 7 days
H. Streak - 3 days

Current Participants
  1. xarvis18M-paidcd
  2. assh00M-o004hz
  3. StealthChopperinbond00M-8wkpr7
  4. Lifeisbeautiful25M-2792fd
  5. tseks21M-i5z37d
  6. rewire_user00M-ko8y31
  7. Peter150519M-yoyy3k
  8. bimbimromeong19M-zdq9gd
  9. Gopal119M-30fcbk
  10. Nofapking118M-0uogi0
  11. Dean_Ambrose00M-a5ssyg
  12. tanmay_ck20M-co9eta
  13. adad15M-rggxqk

Admins - @rewire_user @assh @xarvis @vickyx @Ash_Matt @_TIGER


‎‎‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ :trophy: Leaderboard :trophy:

:arrow_right: xarvis :point_right: (Day 10) (‎‎‎‎2 Points)

:arrow_right: assh :point_right: (Day x) (x Points)

:arrow_right: StealthChopperinbond :point_right: (Day x) (x Points)

:arrow_right: Lifeisbeautiful :point_right: (Day x) (x Points)

:arrow_right: tseks :point_right: (Day x) (x Points)

:arrow_right: rewire_user :point_right: (Day x) (x Points)

:arrow_right: Peter1505 :point_right: (Day x) (x Points)

:arrow_right: bimbimromeong :point_right: (Day x) (x Points)

:arrow_right: Gopal1 :point_right: (Day x) (x Points)

:arrow_right: Nofapking1 :point_right: (Day x) (x Points)

:arrow_right: Dean_Ambrose :point_right: (Day x) (x Points)

:arrow_right: tanmay_ck :point_right: (Day x) (x Points)

:arrow_right: adad :point_right: (Day x) (x Points)


Np mate @xarvis just let it be a good challenge without trolls :slight_smile:

Hmm… Aapne sahi kaha is challenge Ko aage tak lejana hai… Falme on bhai… @Ash_Matt

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S. Code - paidcd
Current Streak - 5 Days

@assh added you in challenge. :blush:

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@Mahesh27_03 Kya mai aapko bhi daal du challenge me?

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Add me too…

Cs 2 days.
Hs 20 days.

@StealthChopperinbond added bro… challenge January 3 se suru hoga Flame On! :fire::fire::fire:

@Probably2 kya main aapko bhi add kar du??

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Kal thoda aur change karna hai scoreboard me fir 3 January se challenge start hoga… Jisko join karna hai aajao… Main sabko add karunga… Bas AAP details neeche chhod jaiye Good Day!

Thanks Man…:blush:

Name --> Lifeisbeautiful
Age --> 25
Gender --> Male
Sharing Code --> 2792fd
Current Streak–> 1 Days

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Glad to see you all in this challenge. Get ready to fight. Read the above instructions and get in touch via tagging me. Please take this challenge seriously.

Challenge begins from tomorrow i.e. 4th January 2021 to 30th January 2021


Names can only be registered till 11:59 sharp.
So, hurry up and join it now! :slightly_smiling_face:


Name - tseks
Age - 21
Gender - M
S. Code - i5z37d
C. Streak - 3days
H. Streak - 11days



Hearty Welcome Brother

Thanks for participating. You will be informed when added. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Add me brother
Sharing code: ko8y31
Cs: 9 days
Hs: 15 days


Name- Peter1505
Age- 19y
Gender- M
S. Code- yoyy3k
C. Streak- 3 days
H. Streak- 75 days

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Now you all are the members of RIP PMO BATTLE. Get ready to fight from tomorrow.

rewire_user special thanks for motivations


Name - bimbimromeong
Age - 19
Gender - M
S. Code - zdq9gd
C. Streak - 1 days
H. Streak - (Newbie)

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