RiftCha's Journey: 282/365 days

Well I am creating this topic to motivate me.I tried some apps(iron will,mdf) that keep me from not doing pmo but i failed everytime after 1 or 2 month.I started pmo since 2009 and I’m ashamed of myself for doing this.I try to quite it since so many years back then but in vain.

But I want to conquer my urges as possible as can.But I know I can be failed at any moment.
I use rewire companion from 8 months ago but I uninstalled it after i couldnt control my relapse.Then I wached some motivational video on youtube that keep my not doing pmo for 5 month+.I relapse this month as fb content is the biggest culprit that forces me to do.So I feel regret then install the rewire app again and kept my self a promise not doing it again.I read what other post in this app about their strugging about nofap.This community forums is the best thing I get motivated.I made some companion to compare my strike to them.

I will try to update in this post.
My relapsed day is 10 oct 2023.I dont have target.Just try not doing it again.
My code is :av7fsp


Day 18 completed :smiley: Feels like a gentleman.I’m Closer to complete my 21 day challenge :point_up:


I admire your will to keep going even after trying for so long! Remember that nothing is forcing you to do anything so it’s all about building up a strong mind and habits to keep you away from PMO. Also (just a suggestion) I wouldn’t count days because days don’t measure your progress well. Because if there is a setback you’ll see a 0 and it will discourage you rather than you seeing all of the progress you’ve actually made. I’m going to try and come up with some type of graph system to actually measure progress sometime maybe. Anyways just keep moving forward bro!!


Thank you bro.Lets try it togather.I know it can be hard.But If you can’t do it once, try it a hundred times.If urges hits then have to look into our diary to motivate ourself no to do that again.We have to remember that if we failed we have start it again from zero and nobody wants to go back


Well that’s kinda the opposite of what I said. I don’t believe we start over from zero when we make a mistake. It’s only a minor setback! I would love to do this together tho!

You have create this mindset that if you failed then you have to start from zero.Otherwise you ignore it and do that again and again just taking it as minor setback.

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I disagree but you do your own thing bro!

Ok.I see you are just started.I want you to complete NNN challenge with us

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Yeah I’m in the challenge already.

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You shouldn’t be relapse bro :slightly_frowning_face:

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21 days challenge complete today.Um feel greatful :smiley:.Now I will start NNN Challenge from tomorrow

Well its November.I was born in this month and I have to do my best to keep nnn challenge.I made a decision,If I fail then I will fall every time no matter how hard I try.

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Yes we are following NNN :upside_down_face:

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Best of luck to you for NNN you are doing very well I hope you will complete 90 days of Persistence and become Conqueror :crown:.

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You too bro.But dont relapse.I see you struggled when I add you as Companion.So I challenge you for 7 days.If you relapse,You will fail

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Yes I will win No matter what

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Try not to be too hard on yourself.Stay positive.You can watch some motivation video on youtube to motivate yourself.I suggest you search for “Far from weak”.on youtube.If urges hits then come back in this app to remind that you have a challenge to conquer.Read forum post until urges is gone.This is how I do it now.

I know about Far from weak I watch his videos.
Thanks for your Advice :heart:

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I was having wet dream today but I wake up before it then I control it.

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