RG's dairy of life

Starting my dairy as writing ur daily life can be helpful to grow and learn…
As winning and loosing exist in mind ,choosing a path is always an option.
Well most people are driven by influences or people who are on higher pedestal in there mind but what makes special in this community that all want to change for good…
So if u are in this app, reading this then u r already a winner( maybe not in money and fame but in urself and thats a huge thing)
People struggle living in present ( i also do) but now i think of it i should rewire my approach of living in present too
In the morning while freshing up should make a mind map of dos and don’ts for the day( only for the day not tomorrow)
This will sort my day
Well streak is important but not doing is more important to me as i have been statisfied in myself seeing and doing stuff but my mind wont get statisfy thats the problem
So not doing is more important than streak

I hope all of u live life fullest

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Day 1:
Day started at 5:19 am today without alarm
Brain is rewiring itself
Done some mild yoga and pranayam in the park
Seeing the crowd in the morning is overwhelming
Task to be done:

  1. Eat as much as body needs
  2. Reading some business related stuff
  3. Sitting as much i can throughout the day
  4. As no social media in use youtube is the only option
  5. Finishing japanese learning
  6. 1 hour break after using phone for 2 hour is a must

To do list
Didnt go as plan but done other stuffs


Day 2:
Day started at 4:45am with a phone call
Done some yoga and exercise
Had a great time with friends
Task to be done
As today is rakshabandhan didn’t gonna plan today
Will try to limit phone usage

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Excellent. Keep it up.:+1:

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Day 3:
Got up at 4:30 am
Friend got injured in the morning
Gone to park, done some exercise and yoga
Task to be done
1.have to do research
2. Gotta complete my pending
3. Make a plan

Hope all are doing good

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