RG's dairy for better days

As fapping is become more compulsion of my life… It’s need to be stop…
People say fapping is a biological need but rather it’s seems like more of psychology want now…
Brain orgasm… We want to feel good
But our feel good stuff lies in naked bodies
Well after failing so many times now
It’s better write down stuff here…so that i can get help from you all…
My longest streak was 48days
But i want to end it for good
I m addicted to phone too which also leads me to fapping…
Looking forward to grow with you all here
You can share your experiences and advice here too :slight_smile:


what does the porn free version of you look like?

Free from frustration and regret
Btw welcome (^^)

why did you start fapping?

Because its has become a compulsion
In a loop which takes up my time
And couldn’t get past to it
Like i wanna be fine not doing it

there has to be some kind of inciding incident. Like for me i was always hearing negativity about my appearance, got humiliated by a couple of girls and so i turned to porn because i never felt good enough for real intimacy.

do you think anything like that drew you to porn?

For me it is when i am alone or when i have nothing to do
So immediately thought comes to do it
And it has become a necessary rather than a choice…
Well people have criticized me too about my looks and all
So i joined gym and started working out
Atleast i m a better version than before (^^)

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dang, I know when urges get to the level of necessity. i don’t think messaging is enough for you. You might need to exchange dialogue with others. The addiction does evolve and different measures have to be taken. I was in sex addicts anonymous after almost a year of failing, but then this winter SAA wasnt working anymore and so i changed my technique again

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Actually if explicit content does not revolve around me
I m good to go
But my friends
The groups i m in tend to be around this content which creates a urge within me
And tbh i m not comfortable around telling this matter to all
As they create a certain mindset…
I m trying to distance myself from it

the downside of all this is sometimes self improvement comes with isolation. When i first started i decided i had enough of being around my friends who had dysfunctional relationships and were ruining my image of healthy intimacy and also had no goals.
sometimes im happy for having my freedom, ut the addiction tries to use my loneliness to bring me back.
but, imagine The pmo free version of you, hes probably begging for your help

After listening i feel like one thing is needed to win this battle
And that is
Being in content with ourselves
Like being at peace with ur own self literally will bring everything…
Then isolation wont be there

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