Rewire for 1st wedding night

I got engaged recently and now I am willing to be get fit and healthy before marriage. I want to have 1st wedding night special. I tried no fap earlier as well but lost the track. I experienced the benefits and want to do it so that I can be good companion for my wife. I need your support and guidelines.


Hello you will get this … if you feel confused don’t hesitate to express your motivation we are all together …


Avoid onion, garlic, spicy and non-veg foods for 120 days minimum.

Please include strength training, meditation,taking 20 minutes of sunshine daily, belly breathing, kegals, reverse kegals and waking up early, sleep till maximum 7am.

Rest assured, not only the rewiring for normal life but issues of nocturnal emission/nightfalls will also be resolved.

Just stay focused for 4 months diligently. You will find a new and better version of yourself.