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Hi, Welcome to Rewire Companion
This app will help you to quit PMO for good. Since a lots of people are asking many questions in this forum I thought of making a topic a specially for them

Over here, you can find the most FAQ (Frequent Asked Questions) that will help you understand what NoFAP is:

1- What is NoFap ?

-If you are here, you probably know already. HOWEVER. NoFap is about sexual health and much more. It is a movement that motivates you with facts and reasons to stop with PMO.

2_What is PMO

-PMO stands for Porn, Masturbation and Orgasm, respectively.

3- What is PIED ?

-PIED stands for " Porn Induced Erectyle Dysfunction "

4- Can I masturbate during NoFap without using porn ?

-That depends a lot. There are 3 levels of difficulty:

Easy = You can masturbate, but not to porn. This is the least favorite and the one that takes more time to make some difference in your life. Beware though, it’s not mastubartion free, you should always try to avoid masturbating.

Normal = No Masturbation, No Porn. You are only allowed to reach an orgasm through real sex with a real person. The most common and most recommended for people who want to improve their lives in a lot of aspects.

Hard mode = No masturbation, no porn, no orgasm whatsoever. This is the thoughest for a lot of us but also the favorite for the hardcore people who want to improve their self-control.

The monk mode = Hard mode + good habits + no bad habits + No sexual thoughts. This is the most epic and life changing challenge in which you can focus your sexual energy on things that are not sex related, such as work, study, exercising, meditation, drinking lots of water, meditation, Sleeping enough, etc…

So, i advise you NOT to masturbate and NOT do easy mode. But it’s your life. Only you can change it.

5- What is a relapse ?

-When you fail to keep yourself clean from the PMO cycle. Examples:
If you masturbated and reached an orgasm = YOU RELAPSED
If you masturbated to porn and reached an orgasm = YOU RELAPSED (That’s even worse)
If you decided to check your EX-favorite (I meant that “EX”, YOU SHOULD NEVER GO THERE AGAIN) porn site just to see the new hotties and stayed there for a certain amount of time, even without masturbating = YOU RELAPSED HARD AF, don’t do this to yourself.
To make things simple: If you do something against the NoFap rules and didn’t stop it, you relapse.

6- What is Edging ?

-Oh boy… That’s a disgrace. Edging is the act of masturbating yourself without reaching the orgasm. It can be even worse than the PMO cycle because you will bath your brain in chemicals for minutes… Even hours…Edging is worse than a relapse. Don’t do it. I MEAN IT!

7- What is a wet dream ?

-A wet dream is what we call when we dream about having sex, masturbating or any form of reaching an orgasm. The thing is, you wake up WET in semen :v

8- Is having a wet dream considered a relapse ?

-NOPE. You see… You can’t control a dream (most of the times), it’s not like you were thinking “OH, I WANT TO F*CK IN MY DREAMS SO BAD THAT WILL HAVE A WET DREAM TONIGHT AND WAKE UP WITH MY UNDERWEAR STICKY AF”
Nah… So don’t worry about it.

9- What is the flatline ?

  • Flatline is the period of time on your NoFap journey where you will feel bad. You will probably have no erections, no motivation, will feel bad… BUT, WAIT! You will be fine, brother!
    While you are keeping yourself clean from PMO, you are going to face a lot of urges to take a small look at it again. BUT DON’T DO IT. PMO is an addiction and you will have to fight it like one. There’s no such thing as “A small sip of alcohol” for an alcoholic. “I will only smoke this once and i will stop forever” for a smoking addict. Neither there is “A quick masturbation to my favorite video and then I will start NoFap” START NOW, KEEP PUSHING!

10- How much time will it take until I am cured ?

  • NoFap is not really a cure, but a treatment. It normally takes 90 days to fully rewire your brain, however, it depends from person to person. It also depends on how addicted you are/were and what are the problems you are facing. It all depends, it can take months, maybe years to fully be free from it. We were addicted for years. You can’t expect to be free from it in just a few weeks. It takes time. Hold on. It will be worth it.

11- How do I keep myself motivated ?

-Well… I see a lot of people giving the reasons of why they started NoFap but also asking for motivation on the same post. So what I usually say is the most cliché thing: Remember why you started. Remember what you want to overcome. Remember every bad moment you had because of this addiction and aim to who you will be if you stop it NOW.
In hear, on this app and especially in this forum, you will find the motivation that you need.

Please feel at ease, in this topic, you can ask any question you want regarding PMO and how to use this app and the rest of us will try to answer it.


Some of you may think that Nofap is a pseudo scientific process. No good comes from it. Maybe u are right maybe you are not. Many people who experience changes do so because they ask their mind to bend according to their will instead of their emotion controlling them. Now many may dislike this post because many seek false promises about no fap. But I tell you this, mainly to the students as I know many teenagers like me are here. Keep in mind the following:-
1)No Fap is a matter of Self Discipline . There are many ways to practice self discipline but I think that this one is the best . This is because the urge of masturbation is the strongest of all urges as they say Sex is the most pleasurable activity and we tend to seek that pleasure from Masturbation.
2)Porn and masturbation is the most detrimental because of time waste . Teenage and adolescence is the time for every boy and girl to ascend to become responsible men and women. Sexual gratification shall be available all life in the form of sexual partners, spouses etc BUT this is the time to build your character, your future , your career. So please dont waste time.
3)Porn and masturbation leads to Fantasizing and lustful thoughts about others. In many religions and cultures including mine Women are treated as the form of Mother Goddess Durga and Lakshmi. Porn leads to objectification of women . It makes you think that women are only objects for sex. It arouses many vices inside you. These are the people who later discriminate , disrespect , molest and rape women. So respect women.
Above all NoFaP is not a job that you are thinking about it all day . It is a tool which if inculcated in your life lets you prosper in your work. So Nofap like maintaining healthy eating habits , exercising is a practice. Be happy , be safe.
Also practice Digital Detox like I am trying to do. It shall be of further help. I just realized that besides Porn and masturbation there are many things that lead to time waste like Scrolling mindlessly through Google, Youtube , Social media, Whatsapp and playing games . In case you are doing these things whatever I mentioned in point 2 of my post will become invalid. So dont waste time, study , play sports , exercise, read story books or if you are an adult just do your office work.


20 reasons why should we stop masturbating:

If you don’t have the patience to read this article how could you have the patience to stop masturbating? Please read it carefully

  1. Masturbation weakens you. It drains your body of protein and calcium content

  2. Masturbation creates nervousness as well as neurological problems

  3. Masturbation is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction.

  4. The trend leads to addiction and controlling it is a very big menace.

  5. Masturbation creates drowsiness since one will be sleeping most of the time after the ejaculation.

  6. Masturbation causes strain and stress in your mind and soul.

  7. Masturbation also affects the addict psychologically, creating depression after ejaculation and it makes one feel bad on his own.

  8. Getting red hot during masturbation will give a bad name to that environment as it is an indecent activity.

  9. Masturbation leads you to the noxious problem that you cannot see a person of the opposite sex without a single thought of sex.

  10. Masturbation creates the urge to do indefinitely since it doesn’t see the people, place, and culture. It, therefore, makes you dig into worse sexual problems if the chance presents itself.

  11. Masturbation induces homosexuals in colleges, hostels, and schools. Mostly this creates sexually transmitted diseases like VD, syphilis, AIDS, etc.

  12. Masturbation is the major reason for speedy sperm release when having sexual intercourse. It will create your dissatisfaction as well as for your wife.

  13. Over masturbation will reduce your sperm count. Couples that desire to conceive should not masturbate.

  14. The seminal fluid which gets released during masturbation contains proteins needed for many metabolic activities as well as cell formations. These proteins are our bodies’ building blocks. Ejaculation will create you to be lean and distract your metabolism from muscle building.

  15. Ethically masturbation is wrong. It is against culture and societal values.

  16. Masturbation will waste your time and in turn make you feel useless.

  17. The pleasure derived from masturbation never lasts for a long time.

  18. Masturbation will lead you to illegal contacts since the urge increases every day and will finally lead to the search for a source for sexual pleasure.

  19. Masturbation creates more problems as one loses memory and thought-provoking ability.

  20. People who masturbate will lose sexual interest in their partners very soon. They cannot feel pleasure for long


I will debunk this. Point by point. 1st of all I have even masturbated even 5 times a day
It just caused waste of time. No drowsiness, sleepiness or weakness

Nothing is drained from the body. It is created again.

One of the bigggggggesttt myths is that erectile dysfunction stuff

  1. And 17. Are correct points

4 and 9 are also very correct

I liked your 1st article very much. It is very motivating

Please explain 11th point to me

Regarding 20th point , people who watch porn , their married life are often disturbed(not always). Masturbation has no effect on marriage life. Married couples often do that

19 th point. Masturbation has no effect on the mind. Porn does. Any sort of media even movies web series(unless it is giving u some knowledge) destroys your thought provoking ability. Not just porn

14th point is funny. I had a classmate who himself masturbated but was one of the fittest one in the class. So muscle depends on exercising not masturbation. Dont write such things otherwise people shall think that just by stopping masturbation they will gain muscle out of thin air.
And again let me say, Nofap makes u disciplined and No porn saves your time so that u can work, study and exercise. This leads to self improvemnt. Not that u stop fapping for an year and instantly become a genius, muscular , girl magnet.

Well, I gess that you’re proud of yourself

You are lying to yourself, first, if I say a side effect like less sleep, it doesn’t mean always, but sometimes like when you have an urge at night in bed, it’s hard to sleep intill you masturbate.

You are making your body tired, if force your body to create more than usual it might cause problems when you grow up.

Again, some people, not all of them.
It depends on each body.

Thank you

When people meet each other at a learning place and some how discovered that they both masturbate, they may make sexuall relationship which might cause many sexuall diseases. ( it doesn’t have to be a learning place like college but it could be anywhere )

Again and again, some people, if they both feel that it’s ok that is something else but if one of them only masturbate, then that might cause problems between them.

All right, how can I explain it to you in a short way, ok, masturbation or porn produce too much dopamine hormone (300% than usual) so your brain can’t handle if that level of hormone decreases so he, well you know the rest (urges)

The exercise point is true but you did not quit understand, when you exercise when you’re masturbating and exercise without is quit different, go back and read the 14 point carefully.

I have experienced a great gain in energy after stopped masturbating. Maybe it makes no difference for you, but it can make a huge difference in others lives. Our biology are distinct. So I agree with 1, I was losing a lot of energy and I thought it was my nature. But when I stopped fapping, I gained a lot of energy.

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And many many people report PIED. Why you say is a myth?

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Well, I gess that people wants to hear good things about their bad habits so they won’t feel bad

I’m only 15 years old and I know masturbation better than you.
Advice: my friend, don’t say everything on your mind without being 100% sure that it’s right.

How do u know better? I am 18 years old

If I were proud , what the hell do u think I am doing here