Resurgent Success Journals


Day 30
walking distance increased… now i dont feel shame in who i am… i want to fly with my wings wide open in the sky.

DAY 33 My Defeat

I breaked down in front of sexual thoughts. I yielded to their suggesstions. I put the words in search box and watched hot videos. Then i stoped. As i goes to bed for sleeping. The thoughts become more aggressive and it was very hard to shut their mouth. I again took to their suggesstions. Went to bathroom and watched more videos. Then masturbated and ejaculated. I relapsed 2 times after that. … a total of 3 orgasms.
Today at day 0 i am feeling the effects. My all energy is gone… a little bit of rewiring is left with me. Sleeping dose has been increased … again to 1/2 of the dose.

I am ready to fight again for my freedom

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Day 1 Only Wiring has left

Today i went outside for walking as it was in my routine. Thanks to the 32 days streak… i was normal outside… but i felt i have lost big power. I am not the half man i used to be before when i was on the streak. I was not enjoying … i was just pushing my dead body along the road. Now, i will keep my routine which i had build on the streak… and work my way back again… to move forward in life. The thrist for Hard Mode has ignited again. I am looking forward to achieving great heights of joy in my life.

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@Sahas why are you giving up in front of urges. If you’ve extreme urges then why you don’t tell about it to your partner, I think she surely help you and if you want to give up then why you don’t sex with your partner atleast it make more sense than this shit.


She was not at home & she is not interested in my stories anymore because it has been 2 years… she has watched me fail again & again. So many promises broken. She thinks … i am forever doomed and can never get out of this addiction circle. Well ! I have to prove many people wrong including my mind.


Well , in this situation you’ve to prove yourself bro and I know that oneday you and me will get out of this addiction because it’s just a dark night , a bright day is waiting for us…so don’t lose hope. We will get up and win this battle :crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords: we’re warriors and warriors won’t give up until their death.


Sahas, first of all, congratulations on making your personal best of 32 days on hard mode. Not all progress will be lost with this new streak. :muscle:t5: :facepunch:t5:

I will not dwell on the negatives; you know very well how much your life will be improved when PMO is behind you. That is why we are all here.

You have been a powerful voice of encouragement and support in this community. People have reached their highest ever streaks in groups you have created. We are watching and waiting eagerly for that day when we see Leonidas next to a huge 90-day reboot sign!

It’s time to give it everything you have. No excuses. Find the root cause that has kept bringing you back to PMO and remove it. Make a vision of your life of freedom and reflect on it daily. That name…Resurrection…Resurgent…It’s time to be reborn!


Thanks @Forerunner for your support & motivation.

Yes, 32 days streak benefits me a lot. I had Rewired myself. From staying at home all days to daily going outside, i have changed a lot. Now, although i had 3 orgasms but i am going outside daily… the habits which i had built are with me.

I know what i have lost … and this understanding of loss is further motivating me to do hard mode for all my life. I have hit a jackpot during my streak… i have tasted powers of Brahmacharya/ hard mode. I want more & more now. I am ready to fight for my better life until death.

From now, sky is the limit… i am ready to fly.

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For 2 months my wife is at her house. I am bringing her back this monday. I lost an oppurtunity of doing a Reboot… thats not a new story. I am planning to do a holy ritual this monday… its called tantra sex.

I would do sex with her for 3 hours without ejaculation. I had done it before . But that was not planned. Why i am doing this ? To get free from this lust & pleasure & to gain her energy. It sounds weird but its true. I had experienced tremendous Rise in my Energy Levels from practising Tantra Sex. Its like opening your Base Chakra. Plus when you do the act for long hours… … you can understand sex mechanism completly. There is a chance that you can free yourself from hypnosis of Women/opposite sex. It is going to help … further in my journey…

I am going to Edit this post on Tuesday.

Tuesday Day 7
Previous night … i performed Tantra sex. I dont want to write here… the details because it may Trigger someone. Just i will tell the basic details. During 1st hour … she was screaming with pain … plus she was enjoying… Next hour … She was completly exhausted… as she had her orgasms… she was hesitant in changing positions… she kept saying… STOP… you are going to kill me… and i look at the clock… it was 11 pm… we begun the act … at 9 pm… i said… one more hour … this time … she pushed me away and she took to a corner of bed… she was literaly crying & in fear… she begged me to not go any further. I accepted her as she is not a object for my experiments… i love her… as a human being. We stopped.

I noticed after that and i told her that i have lost all interest in this friction of two bodies… i want my life to be more than just sex… i want real joy in my life and not this fake pleasure…
I told her that next time… we shall do sex when we make our 2nd child. She agreed. She told me that you are a Sexual Beast… With little energy you tear apart me… what if one day you complete your Reboot and you become full of energy ! I fear sex now… i wont do it again. My back is hurting.

The Mantra to perform a Tantra Sex is keeping your breathing normal… Yeah it is a little tricky but with full focus & concentration that becomes easy.

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You are a piece of work!!!

Didnt get your idiom… can you say it … in simple words.

He means you are amazing (at sex)

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