Restarting the Process

I am fucked Up.

I messed everything up.

I am at the Worst Point of my life.

I have never been in this type of situation ever.

I have never relapsed in my entire life more than 3 times a week.

I always thought how people are not achieving 7 days in there nofap journey, it’s fucking easy.

I always have a 7 day streak atleast but after I left this app

I relapsed continuously for every fucking day.

I left this app on 5 Nov when I last relapsed. I thought after leaving this app I will be able to go for higher streak since 7, 10 ,15 days seemed less to me.

After 2-3 days, Everyday I masturbated. I never was addicted to porn. I used to imagine about someone and just do it. But now I used to search different types of porn.
I am not able to achieve 24 hours streak.

I am angry all day, I have fight with everyone in my house.

I don’t have motivation to study

I don’t have enough confidence

I lost all benefits

What in the world should I do now.

I always thought that To beat an addiction you have to get addicted to something else.

I played freefire everyday. For atleast 6 hours a day.
But no, my fucking mind do whatever it likes.

I have never been in this type of situation. Whenever I have masturbated early it was on my bed when I can’t sleep or it was my bathroom after wetdream. But nowadays, There is no corner of my house where I haven’t masturbated. I was studying alone in the roof of my house. I suddenly started masturbating there since, nobody can see there.

I have completely forgot about my goal. I fucking see myself as a loser.

Whenever I masturbated, don’t go so far. During masturbation my mind knows it’s wrong all the side-effects are crossing my mind. All the videos related to nofap cross my mind. Still my mind doesn’t understand until it relapses. Mai mc hu jo isme aaya hu.

I cannot say how my life is going, seems like it’s the worst I can experience.

Now, I have decided to return to this app. Spend time here, atleast I could achieve 7 days streak that too looks good from the side from where I am seeing.

Guys please support.
Do share Something useful.
If you experienced this, how you cop up with this fucking thing.
Do share in this forum.
Help me Guys. :pensive:


I think you stuck a loop of pmo​:frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::pray::pray::pray:

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Bro, you are stuck in the 10 day loop
You need to get out of it as soon as possible.
Let’s do a challenge between us, I think you need some extra motivation.


I lackk motivation, and I am afraid that I would lose.
But Still let’s start with first Milestone.
7 days Challenge between you and me.

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First you should not go much gaga about 7 days streak 8 day streak, Take your time Embrace this change and Don’t overthink about P… At all

Your Positivity and Confidence was the only tools to tackle this PMO menace, Don’t loose it anyhow.

Even after doing that Leave that moment in past
Be in present and think this is the best time of my life

And Most Importantly reduce your wasteful mobile screen time.


Been there.

Your mind tricked you into relapse stating that nofap is a piece of cake for you, one fap won’t hurt. That is wrong my friend. You’re stuck in the Chaser effect.

Relapsing every 2-3 days is not cool. You’ll be stuck in the loop. The rewiring process will be messed. Literally, everything you’ll come into contact with will give you the desire to watch P & fap.

I can relate to that. When I felt a little bit bored/uninterested/frustrated, my mind would trick to watch P for the dopamine. My advice to you would be to not go near study until you’ve at least made 5-7 days streak. Until you’re happy mentally, that requires increasing dopamine from other sources such as playing a sport(If you’re interested in one), hanging out with friends, mediation, workout, Exploring, etc.

Dude once, relapsed from a long street, it would take almost 2-3 weeks to get back if you’re stuck in the chaser effect. Well, this period is the worst, I agree, almost everything would lead to the desire of watching the filth again.

Stop watching any more nofap videos and strategies, and follow simple things. If you want to get past day 7, analyze what lead to every relapse, Cut it. After you’ve removed the potential trigger. You need to have a schedule. If You’re just messing around at home doing nothing, there is no way you’ll be successful. Get out and do the activities I’ve mentioned above.

Dude NO SCREEN TIME. Throw your phone away if you can for at least 3 days or 7 days would be better if you can. Trust me, bro, when you keep your phone down, your battle with Pornography is almost won. Watching youtube videos, scrolling through social media, or even playing games on a smartphone MINDLESSLY would deteriorate your decision making thereby your mind would do whatever it likes This would lead to eventual relapse.

Once again 3 basic rules 1) No screen time 2) Schedule your day/keep yourself busy 3) Don’t stay alone.


@krishvamsi30 Thank you so much brother !
Felt a bit motivated and A positive Vibe stuck me.
Thanks for this brother.
Surely I will cut my screen time and I will focus on other activities.
I hope this will be the turning point for me.
Will Win this war.


@SincereDev Surely Brother, I think my phone is the only enemy. And I know many of my friends in my age group doesn’t have their personal phone. But since I went out to study outside my hometown. I got this phone. And nobody cares what I have inside it.
But surely I am the owner of my life. I will eliminate all the bad habits.
I think once again the time has come to break another highest streak.
Feeling a lot better.
This app is just lit :fire:

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Bro… How can we help you?