Restart my timer after..?

Hello everybody,

I am just on day 4 and that’s a lot for me. While I was riding back to home I had urges and stopped somewhere to search for prostitution. When I was looking to the pictures I got exited and called her for an appointment.

After I finished I felt horrible and disgusting. My soul feels empty as well. Back to where I started where my thoughts wile riding back to home…

My question is do I have to restart my timer? Thanks a lot!!!

Hard to answer …but thats a question to youself when you feel like you didnt Do the right thing on your journey reset its just a timer the only things that matters is that you achieve your goal

same opinion.

I think that if you’re asking yourself if that was a relapse than it probably was.
But that’s not something we can answer for you.
Listen to what your body and brain tells you

That’s true thank you for the advice. I don’t know how to stop this habit. It looks like it’s a part of me, like legs and hands are a part of your body.


I have visited escorts before and enjoyed it. But you seem to feel disgusted and want to change your outlook on women. I would say its a relapse if you considered it to have brought shame to your nofap journey and want see women as they truly are

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That happends also to me. Is like another person in me in charge. It is the brain acoustomed to it, the strong brain paths that are made after doing the same once and again. We have to fight against our own brain. But we can do it, I’m sure, many people get it.

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