Reset your brain (instead of Relapsing use Orgasm manifestation) manifestation)

Hello all.
I know that not everyone believes in upper dimensions and they are very materialistic.
But, When you have urges, mark a position.
You can open many tabs of porn. But, I repeat but instead of Relapsing using porn, go to one place (without porn, in another room for example ), in an active position (exemple :standing) and set your goal (what you want to achieve) and finish it. The best part is that you can reset your brain, Manifesting what you want in life, because in this case, you masturbate without porn. You cum with no Guilty feelings.

Watching porn and masturbating or
Masturbating without porn either way it is harmful. Also I don’t understand what you are trying to say, Like what does it have to do with dimensions?

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Well people tend to be very materialistic.
I believe in someway on Idealism (mind before matter) as something true.
I just want to share how can an Orgasm could be beneficial-my basis is the Law of attraction.
You can search Teal Swan for more information.
Thank you.
God bless.

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