Reset after 21 days...why? Read the story

It all started with a nightfall. After night fall my brain told me it is okay to watch 1 video. There it all started and i started peeking.peeking means when you say I will just watch one video and then you keep watching videos after videos without masturbation or orgasm some say it is okay to watch if you are not doing any but I believe even watching is as harmful so thats why I reset my streak. I want my streak to be totally pure . You have to be honest with yourself and set you own goals and limits what you consider as relapse or not. All the best. I consider even peeking as relapse so thats why I reset my streak. For me P =porn as we as peeking. So I reset the counter. I call this mode as Pure Zen mode.


Yes! Wash it from your life!!


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