Replacing pmo with devotion to the supreme

Hey there I thought for this topic so long!
I was thinking from some days about writing on this topic. Actually, a QUESTION CAME to my mind that WHAT IS PMO? It’s just a habit! A bad habit of escapism! Escape from the real life problems and escape from the endeavor to solve them. It’s a way to achieve that dopamine rush immediately doing nothing which was meant to be released when we accomplish something! And that cheap dopamine rush not only destroys the natural dopamine pathways but the essential fluid the veerya is lost! Many scriptures say that if veerya is lost everything is lost! It’s the essence of all the spiritual activities and losing that means losing spiritual progress! But even thinking of pmo is the first step in losing the semen/veerya. Because thoughts come into action sometime! And thoughts of PMO usually come not just one but many many times and often contemplated also, which is bad and dangerous also!

The purpose of this challenge is simple! Anyone can participate in it but please try to be regular ( irony :sweat_smile: ) ! But yeah seriously be regular! And the main part of this challange is that we need to increase our devotion to God! Now God’s particular name doesn’t matter! We may belong form any religion, society anything! But here just the purposes is to share the wisdom what we have learnt TODAY! So yeah

The main purpose here is to post daily what you accomplished and how much our devotion has increased for God! Let it be our different ways but the goal should be one!

So yeah this is what I thought and let’s see where we can reach and how much can we grow!
Have a nice day :innocent:


This looks interesting, We have to post our daily learnings and activities which helps increasing our devotion for God?

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Yeah exactly!
At the end of every day or whenever you like

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Yeah man I agree…PMO is seeking pleasure and I can only get the greatest pleasure from God alone. When I converse with Him every day I don’t even think of PMO.


This is What i learnt today and i will try to implement it

One has to follow the prescribed rules and regulations of religious principles in order to rise up to the platform of knowledge, because by knowledge and devotion only can one liberate himself from the clutches of māyā (illusion).

Bg. 2.14


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