Replacement theory

Dont you guys feel its hard to eliminate this bad habit ? but it is comparatively easy to replace this habit , this mind set , this thought , this feeling…But with what ? Everyone would be having thier own ways . I love to read philosophical writing or watching summary of books on you tube. I really want to write a book and make a video on science of human thoughts and even write a book on it…( after I get a job)…But it is only possible if I retain my semen and use the energy and time to do this…Anyone else who want to share his replacement for fap ??


I want to replace PMO with excercise and studying.

Its phenomenally hard. But anything is possible. You will become a new person after each pr. Create healthy habits


But at noon we cant exercise after having meal…and studying can not generate that level of dopamine…so haven’t you ever realized that you require something else ?


exactly !! you got it right …thats what we are discussing…what are these healthy habits that can replace pmo

  1. Duolingo , learn a new language.
  2. Walk
  3. Workout. So pushups dips, something. Get on a workout regiment and stick to it.
  4. Find a passion. Sharpen the saw.
  5. Meditate. Be nothing. That is the ultimate reality.
  6. Get out of your comfort zone. It will build character
    Trust me fellas, after 30 days no fap, you will see insane results in every aspect of your life. Its insane.

What are you suggesting dohendra ?

Actually I want suggestions and not suggesting anything :sweat_smile:…i want to know different hobbies people have .(other than traditional singing and musical instruments)

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Join my india challenge :wink:

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What about playing musical instruments???

I think travelling worked out form me till now.
Talking to friends at time when you do nothing and feel bored.
Having passion in life is also very necessary so that you always have crux of time.
And stop flirting and chatting uselessly. I am not telling you to be unsociable but making your availability a scarse is a great way of socializing and earning lime light without any cost.:wink: 8t saves time , energy , repels useless activties and distractions.

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I agree that you must replace it with something or you will keep going back to porn.

Personally, I can replace it with my awesome wife. She loves to spend time with me.
Although, I would watch porn a lot and often would masturbate around 5 times a day. So it takes a lot to replace that.
I also use: reading, gaming, carving, gardening, studying, a bit of exercise, writing, cooking, solving puzzles (cubes), and more studying.

Between trying to do all that and setting up good habits concerning where I take my phone, I’ve seen good results so far. For ths first time in my life I have made it to 13 days without porn.

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Hey man, first of all I respect the perseverance you showed in answering this question for yourself.
For me it is also a mix of different things - writing and reflecting helps me, as well as sports, but also things like mindful eating, reading books and spending time with friends and girlfriend.
None of this activates the reward circuits like porn did, but it gives me a satisfactory, fullfilling feeling of happiness - if porn would be able to give you this, noone of us would be in this forum.

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I just try to get better overall, do challenging activities and try to stretch myself to new things. The satisfaction is usually enough to push out even the worst urges.